10 mistakes breast enhancement patient makes

10 mistakes breast enhancement patient makes

07th Oct 2016

Going for breast enhancement is a huge decision for any woman who decides to go under the knife and it should never be taken lightly. You should be prepared to accept the results of your breasts after getting implants.
Every woman who goes for breast enlargement deserves the best service possible and she should never be subjected to a procedure that could lead to unnecessary complications or deformed breasts. As the patient, you will be able to choose, together with the plastic surgeon, the most suitable implant for you. This is important because most patients prioritize getting the biggest breasts possible, but too large implants can lead to rippling and other complications associated with huge breasts.
One of the keys to a successful surgery is choosing the right plastic surgeon, who is Board-certified and has extensive experience in breast enlargement procedures. Overall, if you are dissatisfied with the size and shape of your breasts, breast enhancement can help you solve this. However, you should be aware that the result depends on the choices you make, which is why you should ascertain whether you are making an informed decision.
There are several mistakes that you must never make when going through a breast enhancement procedure.


1.Choosing the wrong plastic surgeon

The first step to ensuring your breast enlargement is a success is to choose the right plastic surgeon to do the surgery. Some of the factors to look for when choosing a surgeon are their background and track record of breast augmentation. Choosing the wrong surgeon is a serious mistake that many people including celebrities have fallen victim of and ended up with unsatisfactory results.
You should never take this lightly because they are responsible for executing your surgery and guaranteeing your safety. Not all plastic surgeons out there are up to the task. Thus, you should be thorough in your search for the best possible plastic surgeon. Make sure you have high standards or else you’ll put yourself in problematic or grave circumstances.


2.Failing to ask the right questions

Patients don’t often realize that the consultation is also a critical step to their surgical journey. This is the time when you should get all the details, especially in regards to the possible impacts and potential risks of the surgery.
Before going under the knife, you should prepare important questions for the surgeon so that you can make the right decision. Listed below are some of the most valuable questions to ask your surgeon:

  • Are you a Board-certified plastic surgeon?
  • How extensive is your experience in plastic surgery, and more specifically, in breast enhancement surgery?
  • Will the breast implants be compatible with my body?
  • What are the risks associated with breast augmentation surgery?
  • Can you describe your previous patients’ experience?
  • What is the recovery period like? What to do and what to avoid.


3.Enlarging your breasts for the wrong reasons.

Enlarging your breasts for the wrong reasons will not do you any good, especially if you are doing it to impress someone. Remember, it is your body and you should only change it if it makes you happy. Do not do it because you want to get someone else’s approval and make them happy.
If you suffer any complications after a breast enlargement, you will be the one suffering, not the person you were trying to impress. Breast enhancement is still a surgical procedure and should always remain your own decision.


4.Going for the wrong implant

Our bodies normally respond differently to medications, and the same applies to foreign objects placed inside our body. This is why it is important to go for the implant that suits you. You should never go for an implant just because it worked well for someone else. Your doctor should be aware of the factors involved in choosing an implant. You will be able to choose between saline and silicone implants with your surgeon.


5.Using the same bra even after breast enlargement

Make sure that you get the right support after a boob job. After the surgery, your boobs will need a different form of support and a comfortable bra to realize its growth.


6.Failing to size your new breasts

Always go for a sizing after a breast enhancement to determine your size accurately. You will need to get new bras, but ensure that they are the right size. It is a common mistake made by many women who have gone through breast enlargement and failed to use the correct bra size. Don’t be a victim.


7.Ignoring the recommended surgical bras

Women who fail to wear surgical bras after their breast augmentation normally have to endure pain and swelling on their breasts. Almost all cosmetic surgeons recommend wearing surgical bras after surgery for fast recovery. Failing to wear these bras lead to serious complications and lumps on the breasts.


8.Going for the wrong texture

Getting the wrong texture is quite common among breast enhancement patients. This is why it is important to consult with your doctor because they will know which texture is suitable for you. The texture used for your implant is something that your surgeon can help you decide. Not all textures give the same results for everyone.


9. Going for the wrong size

Body size is an important factor when going for breast enlargement. Don’t go for bigger cups when your body is petite. Let the surgeon help you out in identifying the right proportion for you. Furthermore, going for bigger implants can actually cause health problems later on that may cause you to regret it.


10.Failing to consult whether you are a good fit for breast enlargement

Not every woman is fit for breast enlargement. Some breasts may not be able to accommodate breast enhancements, which is why it is important to always check with the doctor first. Don’t just go for breast enlargement for the sake of following trends. Unfortunately, this is one common mistake many women make when planning to get their breasts enlarged.



The number of women going for breast enhancement is rapidly increasing. Having said that, the biggest worry remains is whether these women understand the implications of this procedure. While many patients have succumbed to different mistakes, there are ten common mistakes that women make when it comes to getting their breasts enlarged. Now that you are aware of these mistakes, you should avoid falling for them.


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