1,000 cc of fat in each buttock during a brazilian butt lift

1,000 cc of fat in each buttock during a brazilian butt lift

22nd Apr 2016

Everybody likes the number 1,000 cc shutterstock_399952201when we talk about the Brazilian buttock augmentation. There is a misconception that this is the magic number to get the best results. In addition, most patients think that it is very easy to harvest such an amount of fat.

Let’s discuss how much 1,000 cc is. If we look closely, 1,000 cc means 1 L. Injecting 1 liter of pure fat on each side, not counting the hips, is a daunting task. To achieve this level of fat harvesting, the patient needs to be carrying a significant amount of weight. 1,000 cc equals a bottle of Coke. We are going to need to get 1.5 to 2 bottles of fat, in terms of volume, in order to provide you with that much enhancement. Although this is possible, this is not the norm in most patients.

When we talk about pure fat, it means fat without any fluid. This is where you need to be careful when you see the results by other surgeons who claim that they were able to put 1,000 or 1,200 cc of fat in each buttock. Was this amount pure fat, fat without the fluid and blood that is harvested during the liposuction process? Or was it a mixture of fat and fluid? Because remember, if you inject 1,000 cc of fat that has not been processed, which a lot of people do, then all the fluid and blood will be reabsorbed by the body immediately after surgery. So, it is very critical that you understand what your surgeon is going to inject into your buttocks. If you do not get pure fat, you are not going to get the best result. You will notice that in the first week or two, your buttocks will be big, but then all of a sudden your butt will shrink to half the size as the fluid is absorbed, leaving the fat injected intact. So, it is imperative that when the fat is processed, all the fluid is removed and the syringes are filled with concentrated fat for the best outcome.

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