3 main advantages of fat grafting to the butt

3 main advantages of fat grafting to the butt

14th Jul 2019


Fat grafting to the butt is a procedure high in demand nowadays mostly due to the results that it can offer and the limited risks associated with it. When fat transfer to the buttocks is performed, the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction in areas with an excess of fat to collect the fat cells needed to reshape the buttocks. As you can see, there are multiple advantages to the procedure, such as:

  1.   All-natural results

Because the procedure uses only the patient’s own fat cells, the results achieved are completely natural. A few months after the procedure and when the side effects have disappeared, it will be difficult (if not impossible) for someone to be able to tell that you had undergone plastic surgery to enhance your behind. To keep the results as natural as possible and to achieve a considerable improvement in the size of the buttocks, most patients will decide to have multiple sessions performed every few months. 

  1.   Improved shape of the buttocks

Butt implants can be used to get an impressive projection of the buttocks, but not necessarily to improve the shape of the rear end. Butt implants are inserted into the upper part of the buttocks where the gluteal muscles are, as the only possible location for the implants is inside or under these muscles. This means that the implants are not the optimal solution for patients who need to correct the overall shape of the buttocks or the lower part. Moreover, it can be difficult to correct imperfections on the lower part of the buttocks even when using fat grafting methods, this is why it is essential to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon that is well-versed in performing this procedure. 

  1.   Improvement in the overall appearance of the body

When implants are inserted into the buttocks, the improvement is related to the volume of the buttocks and the projection, but there will be no general impact on the silhouette of the patient. Things are very different when it comes to fat grafting. The liposuction that is mandatory to be performed to collect the fat cells for transfer can result in a significant improvement in the overall appearance of the body. The plastic surgeon can make the waist slimmer, eliminate unwanted fat deposits from the flanks, and even slim down the thighs by performing liposuction on the legs. This means that fat transfer can determine a slimming of the body and an improved silhouette for the patient. This advantage is one of the most important reasons why butt augmentation with fat transfer is so in demand nowadays.


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