3 Pros and 3 Cons of undergoing plastic surgery

3 Pros and 3 Cons of undergoing plastic surgery

14th Sep 2020


If you are reading this, you probably want to undergo a particular plastic surgery procedure or want to explore your options. Human beings, especially women, are extremely conscious when it comes to their physical appearance and body aesthetics. And why shouldn’t they be, given the reality that most people judge us on the basis of how we look? Unfortunately, not all women are naturally welcoming from an aesthetic standpoint. And even if you are, there are many factors like pregnancy, aging, and weight changes that can affect your appearance over time.

However, the good news is that you can restore your youthful appearance and get a curvaceous and appealing body by undergoing plastic surgery. There are many plastic surgery procedures dedicated to improving different areas of the body. However, like all surgeries, plastic surgery comes with pros and cons, and you must do your research and know the pros and cons before deciding to go under the knife. You should undergo surgery only when the pros are higher than the cons.  

Pros of plastic surgery

During the pre-operative consultation, you must ask the surgeon to explain the pros and cons of the particular surgery you want to get. Keep in mind that the pros and cons of plastic surgery can differ from one patient to another and one procedure to another. However, there are still some pros and cons that are almost general and common to almost all plastic surgery procedures, such as:

– Improvement of your physical appearance

The first and most noteworthy advantage of plastic surgery is that it improves your physical appearance, and this is the primary reason most people undergo plastic surgery. The main goal of plastic surgery is to enhance your physical appearance by treating the aesthetic flaws in your body or helping you overcome any aesthetic shortcomings.

Plastic surgery has a great history when it comes to enhancing the physical appearance of people. Most people who got plastic surgery are happy with how their physical appearance improved. However, there are certain things you must be careful about if you want to improve your physical appearance with plastic surgery. First, you must select your plastic surgeon carefully and make sure he or she is board-certified and has vast experience in the particular procedure you want to undergo.

Second, you must follow the surgeon’s instructions to achieve the desired goals and have a safe and smooth recovery. Fortunately, there are plastic surgery procedures that can improve almost all areas of your body. For example, butt augmentation can improve your backside, whereas breast enhancement can treat the aesthetic flaws in your breasts. Then there are procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty that can contour the most important areas of your body and restore your youthful and appealing body.

– Improvement of self-esteem

The second most important benefit of undergoing plastic surgery is that it can restore your self-confidence. Aesthetic flaws and shortcomings in the body can affect your self-esteem in negative ways. It is for this reason that most patients go under the knife. Your self-esteem is the way you feel about yourself or your outlook in life. If you are not identifying with the recent beauty trends or your body is not in shape, you may experience lower self-esteem. The condition can affect your quality of life as well.

For example, if your breasts are smaller or saggy, it can affect your overall body outline and appearance, and hence you may feel insecure and less confident. Likewise, if your abdomen is saggy or poorly contoured, it can affect your confidence level. These aesthetic problems can keep you from engaging in healthy activities and even affect your social, personal, and professional life. The good news is that you can restore your self-esteem and improve your quality of life by undergoing plastic surgery. After plastic surgery procedures like breast enhancement and body contouring, your physical appearance will improve, which will in turn boost your self-esteem.

– You have many options to choose from

Another benefit of plastic surgery is that no matter what type of aesthetic problem or shortcoming you have, you can easily find a solution for it. The common problems and shortcomings that most people suffer from include the following:

–       Smaller breasts

–       Saggy breasts

–       Saggy and loose abdomen

–       Stubborn fat pockets in different areas of the body

–       Flatter or smaller buttocks

–       Overly developed breasts

If your breasts are smaller and you want to get bigger breasts, you can undergo breast implant surgery or get fat transfer. If your breasts are saggy, you can get the breast lift. You can use liposuction to remove the stubborn fat from your body areas and contour them. And then there is the tummy tuck that can effectively restore a firmer and tighter abdomen. If your buttocks are smaller, you can get implants or fat transfer.

Cons of plastic surgery

– Plastic surgery is risky

Even though plastic surgery procedures have become safer over time, they are not free of risks, complications, and side effects. Plastic surgery is invasive and involves surgical trauma. Like all invasive procedures, plastic surgery entails many risks. It is important for the patient to analyze the risks against the benefits of the procedure. The risks can differ from one patient to another and one procedure to another. For example, if you have diabetes, you would be at higher risk of experiencing bleeding and poor and slow wound healing. If you have a weak immune system, you may get an infection during or after the surgery.

Be sure to discuss the risks of the particular procedure with the surgeon beforehand. It is also important to share your complete medical history so that your candidacy can be determined and the level of risks can be analyzed. Generally, the risks of plastic surgery include infection, poor and slow wound healing, wound dehiscence, abnormal scarring, seroma and hematoma, body asymmetry, skin necrosis, capsular contracture in case of the use of implants, implant rotation, etc.

– The results may not always be permanent

One of the downsides to certain plastic surgery procedures is that the results may not always be permanent. For example, when you get breast implants, the devices are not permanent. After many years, the implant may rupture or leak due to wear and tear. In such a case, you will be required to remove the implants. Of course, you can always replace them with new ones.

Sometimes, the results may be permanent, but your carelessness may make them unsustainable. For example, if you have chosen your plastic surgeon carelessly or are careless during the recovery period, it can affect the results. This applies to procedures like fat transfer to your breasts and buttocks. If you have undergone the tummy tuck or liposuction, you must maintain a stable weight after the surgery. In the case of massive weight changes, it will affect the results.

Fortunately, the results of buttock implant surgery are permanent in most cases. Butt implants are permanent objects and immune to ruptures and deflations. Unless and until complications like capsular contracture or implant infection happen, the results will remain with you. Before deciding to go under the knife, it is important for the patient to ask the surgeon as to whether the outcomes of the procedure will be permanent and what type of care is required after the surgery.

– Plastic surgery is expensive

Most plastic surgery procedures are elective because you get them for cosmetic reasons, meaning they are not medically necessary. As such, plastic surgery procedures are expensive and it is not always possible for every person to undergo them. The bad news is that health insurance does not cover elective procedures. You must discuss the cost of the procedure you are deeming to get with the plastic surgeon. The good news is that most plastic surgeons and facilities have arrangements of flexible financing for patients who can’t afford to pay the entire cost of the procedure at once. You can inquire about such a financing option from your plastic surgeon if you lack the funds to finance your surgery.


Undergoing plastic surgery may seem an easy task for many people, but the fact is that it is a daunting thing. You should undergo plastic surgery only as a last option to improve your appearance and only when the pros of the procedure are higher than the cons. Even though the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery can vary from one procedure to another and from patient to patient, I have explained the common and general pros and cons observed in most procedures. You should discuss the pros and cons of the procedure with your plastic surgeon during the consultation session.

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