3 Reasons for the increase in demand for plastic surgery

3 Reasons for the increase in demand for plastic surgery

30th May 2019

3 Reasons for the increase in demand for plastic surgery



Plastic surgery has become more and more appreciated and sought after over the last few decades. The procedures entail risks, just like any other surgical procedure, but are also associated with incredible benefits and advantages that often weigh more than the disadvantages. Plastic surgery means performing surgical procedures on patients who are healthy, in a good emotional and medical condition, and who desire to correct an imperfection or improve the appearance of their bodies.

Some consider that the work of a plastic surgeon is half art, half science, and this is probably the truth. To be able to perform plastic surgery and achieve spectacular results, the plastic surgeon should be talented, with an eye for beauty and board-certified.

Over the last few years, plastic surgery has become more and more accessible, even to people with medium incomes. The ages of patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures can range from 7 years old to 77 years old.

Plastic surgery has seen a considerable increase in demand over the last years. In this article, we will discuss three reasons for the increase in demand for plastic surgery.


  1.    The desire to stay younger for longer

Nowadays plastic surgery offers the means and methods to help patients erase some of the signs of aging and also prevent other signs from occurring. People tend to believe that when it comes to aging, it is all about the wrinkles that occur on the face, but this is not the only case. There are signs of aging that occur all over the body, and the face doesn’t even necessarily need to be the first area of the body to show these signs. Aging is often associated with skin sagginess that can occur on the abdominal area, especially the lower abdomen, saggy breasts, an excess of adipose tissue on the midline, and loose abdominal muscles, to name just a few. It is not only the natural aging process that causes these imperfections of the body, but also the lifestyle and habits of the patient. Patients who are dedicated to keeping fit, active, with a balanced diet and healthy routines might be able to avoid or delay the signs of aging for longer. However, it is also important to mention that genetic predisposition plays an important role when it comes to the signs of aging. In other words, some people have a natural predisposition to show signs of aging before other people do.

Plastic surgery has seen an increase in demand because more and more people want to erase the signs of aging or delay it for as long as possible. Sustaining a youthful appearance is important from multiple points of view in nowadays. For example, people are now required to work until their 70s, and people who are active in the professional field might not want to show their age, especially if they might look even a bit older than their years. Moreover, it is not uncommon for people to start families or new families late in life, such as in their 50s, and naturally, they want to look their best and enjoy a youthful appearance for longer. There are parents who decide to have children later on in life and want to undergo plastic surgery to erase the signs of aging so they are not mistaken for the grandparents instead of the parents.

There are also people who feel much younger than their age, but look rather old due to genetic inheritance or past bad habits. It is normal and natural for them to resort to plastic surgery so they can look more like they are feeling.

The procedures that are commonly performed with the aim of erasing the signs of aging or delaying their occurrence on the body are liposuction to get rid of the imperfections of the midline, the tummy tuck to get a firm and flat tummy, a breast lift to restore the beautiful appearance of the breasts, and different kinds of body lifts such as thigh lift or arm lift. The procedures are performed with a high success rate on people over 50 years old, but make sure to choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your procedure.


  1.    The need to correct physical imperfections

If up until a few years ago a congenital defect on the face or body meant a lifetime of stigma for that individual, nowadays we can correct physical imperfections even on children. Parents of children as young as six years old decide to seek help from plastic surgery to correct imperfections that are visible and often associated with bullying. Moreover, men and women from all over the world are more predisposed nowadays to get help from plastic surgery to augment their breasts or buttocks to get rid of the emotional complexes that could lower the quality of their lives. At the same time, some procedures are necessary to be performed to increase the functionality of the patient. For example, correcting breasts that are overly large can be more of a necessity than an aesthetic desire as big breasts are often associated with persistent back, neck and shoulder pain. Women with big breasts can also have a difficult time when looking for suitable clothing that can accommodate their excessively large breasts. This is the reason why more and more people resort to plastic surgery out of the need to correct physical imperfections present on the face, as well as the body.

Enlarged breasts can also occur in men. They can trigger a real emotional discomfort for the individual that might start feeling like he is not looking masculine enough. Gynecomastia is an procedure frequently performed on male patients exactly with the purpose to correct this imperfection.


  1.    The desire to get a proportionate silhouette

Multiple and varied studies show that individuals who are more beautiful and with harmonious bodies tend to be more successful in different venues of their lives, including the professional field. Getting a proportionate silhouette can help the patient live a more accomplished life and get rid of the complexes associated with having buttocks or breasts that are too small or a body shape that is not very appealing.

To correct the shape of the silhouette, we have available the hourglass procedures. These procedures are performed with the aim of improving the shape of the body for women who have adipose pockets usually on the abdomen and flanks and have narrow hips. The hourglass procedure is defined by a small waist and larger hips. When the hourglass procedures are indicated, the patient will most often undergo liposuction to sculpt the midline followed by a fat transfer to the hips. Fat transfer is commonly performed nowadays as they allow for a sculpture of the body that would not be otherwise possible.

When considering plastic surgery to get a more proportionate silhouette, it is important to keep in mind that more than one procedure might be required for this purpose. Some procedures can be performed in combination in the same operation while others will need to be scheduled months apart from each other. For example, we can’t perform breast and butt augmentations with implants at the same time due to logistic reasons.

A more proportional silhouette with features that are harmonious can boost the self-esteem of the patient, improve self-image, and allow for an improvement in the quality of life of the patient.



When it comes to resorting to plastic surgery, each patient has his reasons for doing so, and these reasons can vary greatly from one person to the other. At the same time, there are a few general reasons behind the increase in demand for plastic surgery that has been noticeable in the last few years. With plastic surgery getting more and more affordable and with people from different economic backgrounds gaining access to it, it has become a common occurrence nowadays.

The three reasons for the increase in demand for plastic surgery are achieving a more harmonious silhouette, erasing or delaying the signs of aging, and correcting physical imperfections. It is important to understand that whatever your reasons to resort to plastic surgery might be, choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is essential for the success of your procedure and to have a smooth and uneventful recovery process with little or no complications.

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