3 Reasons Why People Choose Liposuction

3 Reasons Why People Choose Liposuction

03rd Jan 2019

3 Reasons Why People Choose Liposuction


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that involves the removal of excess fat underneath the skin and is used in most plastic surgeries. The first liposuction techniques were used back in 1960, but it was only in 1982 when a safer procedure was developed, called the Illouz Method. It was named after the doctor that invented the blunt cannulas technique, Yves-Gerard Illouz.

In the late 90s, another procedure was developed that involves removing fat deposits using ultrasound. As other known methods in present days, we can distinguish different types of liposuction, all of them derived from three main techniques: suction, ultrasound, and laser. Power-assisted liposuction, twin-cannula liposuction, external-assisted liposuction, water-assisted, laser-assisted, and tumescent technique are all used depending on the patient’s requirements or condition.

After your first consultation, your doctor will explain to you how to prepare for the surgery, which side effects may appear, and how you should deal with the recovery process. Usually, the recovery process will vary from one individual to another depending on the area where liposuction is applied or a number of fat deposits removed. In some cases, a full recovery process will take up to 8 weeks, especially when liposuction is applied on the abdominal area.

In general, liposuction is considered to be a low-risk procedure only with few high risks reported after the procedure in the last ten years. Most fatalities were registered between 1998 and 2002, when 23 deaths were reported due to infection. Nowadays, with excellent developments in the plastic surgery industry, this number has significantly reduced and only one fatality was reported from 500,000 cases. As we can still find skepticism towards liposuction, here is how liposuction can benefit you in the long run.

  • Body contour

In some cases, even with rigorous exercise or a strict diet, our metabolism will not work 100%. With normal metabolism functions, the body will burn the extra fat deposits on its own or through exercise. However, poor sleep patterns, stress or unhealthy food can create abnormalities in metabolism. Here is where a liposuction can help with your body shape. However, it is always recommended to try out all other possibilities before choosing a liposuction as it is better for you to use lipo only in small areas and with minimum fat deposits removed.

  • Excessive sweating

Sweating is basically your body’s method to get rid of any extra fat. Having large fat deposits in your body, your metabolism will constantly try to get rid of them and sometimes it can lead to excessive sweating. Liposuction is a great way to get rid of this problem, especially if excessive sweating in your upper arms area can be annoying.

  • Fat production

Liposuction will slow down your body in producing fat deposits. However, in the long run, you need to help your body through strict diet and exercise. Even if liposuction is usually seen as a permanent solution to losing weight, it is not.

With liposuction, you can regain the confidence you have lost due to fat deposits that made you insecure in the way you look. See it as a small procedure that can give you a new start.


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