3 reasons why you need a breast lift and don’t even know it

3 reasons why you need a breast lift and don’t even know it

16th Jul 2019



The sagginess of the breasts can be caused by many factors or combinations of factors. While we know that aging, weight fluctuations, and big breasts are factors that cause the breasts to sag low on the chest wall, there are other reasons behind the unsightly appearance of the breasts. If you have a look at your favorite celebrities, even those after a certain age seem to look like age has no effect on them. Often, this is the result of plastic surgery and a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Many celebrities nowadays have benefited from a breast lift as breast sagginess is often associated with a lack of sex appeal. 

There are many women nowadays who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts and believe they need a breast reduction or a breast augmentation, but they would actually benefit the most from a breast lift. In this article, we will discuss a few reasons why you need a breast lift.


Reasons why you need a breast lift and don’t even know it

While the breast lift is indeed one of the most commonly performed procedures on the breasts, not many patients know when it is recommended and what can really be achieved when it is performed. Here are the reasons why you might need a breast lift:


  1.   You are not happy with the shape of your breasts

It is not only the volume of the breasts that makes women complain about the appearance of their cleavage, but it can also be the shape of the breasts. When the breasts have a saggy position on the chest wall, their shape is deformed too. Many women are confronted with the unsightly appearance of the breasts after multiple pregnancies or a considerable weight loss when the breasts start falling low on the chest wall and they look like empty bags. The nipple and areola complex is often lower than the level of the inframammary fold when this happens to accentuate the unpleasant appearance and shape of the breasts. 

If you are not happy with the shape of your breasts, chances are you might need a breast lift. Keep in mind that it won’t be able to give you upper pole fullness if you don’t have it naturally as the procedure only entails the elimination of the excess skin from the breasts and the remodeling of the mammary gland. The plastic surgeon will improve the shape of your breasts, but the shape is still dependent on the initial appearance of the breasts. To make sure you will achieve good results, make sure to explain what shape you want to get. It can also help to bring pictures with the shape you like to the pre-operative consultation to discuss it with the plastic surgeon. 


  1.   The areola and nipple complex hang lower than the inframammary fold

The breast lift is recommended in the case of breast ptosis. Breast ptosis is the sagginess of the breasts which is defined by the position of the nipple and areola complex to the inframammary fold and the position of the majority of the mammary gland. We are talking about breast ptosis when most of the glandular tissue is located over the inframammary fold. Also, there will be a diagnosis of breast ptosis for patients who have the nipple and areola complex situated at the same level under the inframammary fold. This means that if your nipple and areola are under the inframammary fold, you need a breast lift. Patients with small breasts can end up in this situation after multiple pregnancies and without even noticing the differences in the shape of the breasts. However, a correct anatomical position of the nipple and areola complex is important for the aesthetics of the breasts.

When the breast lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will make incisions that will allow him to detach the skin envelope from the glandular tissue. The mammary gland tissue is re-centered and elevated, and then the skin is re-draped and the excess removed. If necessary, the plastic surgeon will also correct enlarged areolas and move the nipple and areola complex to a correct anatomical position higher on the breasts. After the breast lift, the patient will enjoy breasts that are more harmonious in terms of shape but also the structures of the breasts that are in line and complementing each other. 


  1.   You want a more youthful appearance

It can be traumatizing for a woman to notice that after multiple pregnancies the appearance of her breasts is permanently damaged, especially if this happens at an early age. There is no doubt about it, saggy breasts are not sexy breasts and moreover, they are actually a sign of old age. Women confronted with breast ptosis will have limited choice in terms of lingerie, bathing suits, and even clothing as they will try to mask the imperfection of the breasts. This means that if you are constantly struggling and always trying to avoid strapless tops and dresses, halter tops and other items, chances are you actually need a breast lift.

For patients who desire a more youthful appearance of the body, the breast lift is often the first step they take. The appearance of the breasts can considerably influence our whole body image and make us feel sexy or the exact opposite. This is why it is important to get help and resort to plastic surgery if there is a strong medical recommendation for it to avoid developing severe emotional complexes that could put a strain on our lifestyles and affect the quality of our lives.

The breast lift is often performed for rejuvenation purposes as most people associate perky breasts with a young age and vitality. After the procedure, patients will enjoy having breasts that are elevated on the chest wall and also perky and looking fuller. Many patients mention that they feel completely rejuvenated and that their body appearance is much younger when the final results of the breast lift transpire. In other words, if your breasts hang low on the chest wall and you want to look younger, the recommended solution for you might be the breast lift.


Choosing the plastic surgeon for the breast lift

Mastopexy is a delicate procedure and should only be performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility or hospital. To get the best results possible, the plastic surgeon should give the patient a list of pre- and post-operative instructions that need to be followed to the letter. This is where the plastic surgeon’s experience plays an important role. Avoid getting the procedure done by a surgeon with limited experience as there might be potential complications that can occur after the procedure such as slight asymmetries. 

Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to choose a plastic surgeon who you can talk to openly and honestly and who makes you feel safe and understands your desires and expectations. The cost shouldn’t be the most important aspect on your mind when considering the plastic surgeon as a small fee can stand for low-quality services or a lack of experience.



There are women all over the world who are not happy with the appearance of their breasts but don’t necessarily know what plastic surgery procedure would be most suitable for their particular case. While it is true that breast augmentation with implants is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the world, the breast lift is also in demand and can be used to correct certain imperfections of the breasts.

The only method we have available nowadays to help us correct breasts that are sagging low on the chest wall is the breast lift. The procedure will eliminate the excess of skin and also re-center and elevate the mammary gland tissue to provide an improved and perky appearance of the breasts.

There are a few reasons why you might need a breast lift and don’t even know it. Among them are the desire to have a youthful appearance, not being satisfied with the appearance of the breasts, and having the nipple and areola complex positioned under the inframammary fold. If you want to find out if the breast lift is the procedure to help you get the breasts of your dreams, schedule an appointment with the plastic surgeon for a consultation.

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