3 Things to avoid after butt augmentation surgery

3 Things to avoid after butt augmentation surgery

24th Sep 2021

For people with small and flat buttocks, butt augmentation surgery is the only real method that can provide visible results that will last over time. The procedure can be performed both with gluteal implants made out of silicone or a fat transfer to the buttocks. Depending on the method recommended, the results are different from patient to patient. However, what is the same for most patients undergoing butt augmentation surgery is the recommendations for the post-operative period. Here are three things to avoid after butt augmentation surgery:

1.    Sleeping on the back

Sleeping on the back, as well as sitting on the buttocks, are strongly discouraged after butt augmentation surgery, and the reasons are very clear and simple to understand. When lying on the back or sitting directly on the buttocks, the pressure put on them can cause the rupture of the incisions and even the shifting of the implants inside their pockets. Sleeping on the back needs to be avoided for a minimum of three weeks post-op, preferably more. At the same time, an experienced plastic surgeon will tell you that when you start sitting on the buttocks again, it is recommended to use a pillow positioned under the hamstring to avoid damaging the results of the procedure. 

2.    Smoking

Whatever type of buttock augmentation procedure, smoking is strictly contraindicated post-op for a period of three to six weeks. Smoking between and especially after buttock augmentation surgery can lead to severe consequences and even the alteration of the results. What happens when the patient smokes after the surgery is that the healing of the tissues that were injured during the surgery will take longer as the blood doesn’t carry enough oxygen in it. The lack of proper oxygenation post-op can lead to skin and fat tissue necrosis, as well as other complications such as delayed wound healing and wound dehiscence that can lead to bad scarring. For patients who smoke, the risk of getting an infection post-op is also increased. Avoiding smoking after the butt augmentation surgery is essential to have a smooth and fast recovery period and good healing. 

3.    Intense physical exercises

While spending two weeks of the recovery period in bed is never a good idea, it is also not recommended to perform intense physical exercises or activities in the month after the procedure. An experienced plastic surgeon will tell you about the necessity to get out of bed and walk around the room or the house for a few minutes every couple of hours starting on the day of the surgery. However, physical exercises should be avoided for four to six weeks after the surgery or until the plastic surgeon gives you the green light. Overdoing it with exercise can lead to the opening of the incisions.

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