3 tips for breast lift recovery period

3 tips for breast lift recovery period

05th Aug 2019


Any surgery leads to a trauma on the body and a recovery period during which the patient is advised to rest and have a balanced life regimen. When it comes to the breast lift recovery period, there are a few tips that can help you have a smooth healing process and avoid most complications.

  1.   Follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon

Generally speaking, the more complex the procedure, the longer the recovery period will be and often more difficult for the patient. The healing time after plastic surgery depends on multiple factors, including the type of procedure that was performed. For example, less invasive procedures such as liposuction can have a shorter recovery period compared to more complex ones such as the breast lift. Even in the case of breast lift, different patients can recover at different speeds; however, following the instructions of the plastic surgeon will help you heal faster. 

The instructions of the plastic surgeon are customized and address all factors that can have an impact on the recovery process, starting with the complexity of the breast lift and including the age of the patient, initial condition of the tissues, medical history, and so on. 

  1.   Get moving

An experienced plastic surgeon will never advise you to spend the recovery period in bed after plastic surgery. It is true that the breast lift, even if performed for aesthetic purposes, is a complex surgery; however, you are not sick and should not be spending two weeks in bed as this can actually delay the recovery process. The plastic surgeon will recommend you to get moving as soon as possible after the procedure. You should start with short walks around the room every couple of hours, then longer walks around the house, then the neighborhood. The aim is to resume all regular activities gradually. Intense physical exercises and activities should be however avoided for a minimum of two months to avoid rupture of the incisions or other complications that can occur.


  1.   Pay attention to the surgical incisions

It is important to understand that the patient should pay attention to the wounds after the procedure. In the next few days, the plastic surgeon will check the incisions and even change the dressings, but it will be your responsibility to do this after the initial follow-up visit. Checking the incisions multiple times a day is essential for your wellbeing after the breast lift. What you need to ensure is that the incisions look and feel exactly like the plastic surgeon told you and no abnormal side effects occurred such as pus coming from the incision site, excessive bleeding, intense pain, or redness in the area. These can be the signs of a complication that can require immediate treatment. Avoiding complications is a sure way to speed up your recovery process after a breast lift. 

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