3 worries of patients interested in breast reduction surgery

3 worries of patients interested in breast reduction surgery

07th Oct 2019


Breast reduction aims to minimize the volume of the breasts in order to make them more proportionate to the rest of the patient’s anatomy. However, despite the obvious aesthetic improvement in the body, the cosmetic part is not the reason why so many patients choose to undergo the procedure each year. The procedure is preferred and recommended for women who struggle to perform day to day activities due to the excessive size of their breasts or who suffer from emotional discomforts.

When coming to the preoperative consultation for breast reduction, many patients bring their worries to the discussion. Here are three concerns of patients interested in breast reduction surgery.


  1.   What if my breasts will still be too large after surgery?

The volume of the breasts after the procedure should be discussed in detail with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The patient should have a clear idea about what to expect in terms of the size of the breasts post-op. Generally speaking, most plastic surgeons advise the patient to aim for a full C cup after breast reduction surgery. You will get to see a simulation of how your breasts will look after the surgery, so make sure to let the plastic surgeon know if you feel the size is still too large. Different patients aim to achieve different results after breast reduction, so it is your responsibility to make sure that the plastic surgeon completely understands the dimensions you want. Feel free to bring pictures with the volume of the breasts that you like and discuss them with your plastic surgeon. If your breasts are still too large after breast reduction surgery, you can choose to undergo revision surgery to make them even smaller.


  1.   What if my breasts will be too small after surgery?

Some patients will be worried about getting breasts that are too small after breast reduction surgery. This is rarely the case, especially if you choose a talented, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your procedure. The plastic surgeon will perform measurements and recommend a certain volume for the breasts post-op. Make sure to wait at least six months after undergoing breast reduction before scheduling a revision surgery if you feel that your breasts are too small. Chances are you just need time to adjust to your new appearance.


  1.   What if my breasts will be asymmetric after surgery?

When considering plastic surgery, there is always a slight risk of achieving unsatisfactory results after the procedure. Asymmetric breasts are one of these unsatisfactory results. Asymmetric breasts can sometimes occur after breast reduction surgery, especially if the volume of the breasts is excessive. In case this happens, the plastic surgeon will schedule you for a revision surgery during which he will fine-tune the asymmetry and correct the appearance of the breasts. 


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