5 awkward things only women with overly large breasts know

5 awkward things only women with overly large breasts know

11th Nov 2019



The breasts are the most important symbols of femininity. When describing a good-looking woman, we often talk about big, round, full breasts, a small waist, and curvaceous hips and buttocks. This is the ideal of beauty and has been like this for quite some time. This is also one of the reasons why many women not blessed by Mother Nature with too much in the breasts department are resorting to plastic surgery to compensate for this. 

Breast augmentation surgery with implants is among the two most performed procedures in the world, together with liposuction. Breast augmentation delivers impressive results, and women who struggle with emotional complexes due to the lack of volume of their breasts can get the breasts they have always dreamt of in a matter of a few hours. However, breast reduction surgery is also a procedure quite in demand, even if this might seem unbelievable. Women with huge breasts are actively looking for methods to reduce the volume of their breasts to get relief from pain and other discomforts associated with the excessive size of the breasts.

In this article we will discuss five awkward things that only women with overly large breasts know.


  1.   Breasts are not identical

This is a fact. We always tell our patients not to expect twin breasts after undergoing any type of breast surgery, be it a procedure to augment, lift, or reduce the dimensions of the breasts. Natural breasts are not identical, and breasts that have had their appearance improved with the help of plastic surgery probably won’t be identical either. Perfect symmetry is not among the goals of plastic surgery. 

Why is this a fact that women with overly large breasts are aware of and women with smaller or moderate sized breasts might not know? Well, it might be difficult to see the differences between the breasts when you wear an A or B cup bra. But for women confronted with severe breast hypertrophy, it can be quite visible that the breasts are not of the same size. Moreover, the asymmetries between the breasts can be related to the size and position of the areola and nipple complex, the position of the breasts on the chest wall, and so on. Even breast ptosis can affect the two breasts at different levels – this is often the case when the woman breastfeeds preponderantly from one breast and for a long period of time. 

Breast asymmetries are much more visible for women with overly large breasts compared to women with small or moderate breasts. 


  1.   Breasts can be painful during physical exercise

If you wear an A bra cup, chances are you don’t even wear a sports bra when exercising or when performing certain sports. For women who are over a D cup, performing physical exercises without proper support for the breasts can be not only difficult but also very painful. For example, when you run and you have overly large breasts, the breasts will bounce in all directions until you stop moving. The discomfort is beyond words, the level of frustration through the roof, and it is very rare that the woman will repeat the action again too soon. 

Overly large breasts that don’t have proper support will move with every movement of the upper body, and this will result into a considerable level of pain for the patient. This is one of the reasons why women with large breasts avoid physical exercise, especially activities such as running or jogging. All of us must have seen a woman running while holding their breasts at least once in our lives. She wasn’t doing it because it was fun, but because without proper support, it is the only manner to be able to run without experiencing pain or discomfort. 


  1.   Natural breasts can be huge

Each and every time we see a woman with excessively large breasts, we might think she is a fan of repeated plastic surgery. In other words, many people tend to believe that overly large breasts are always fake. This is not the case. Keep in mind that when using implants, the maximum volume of is around 1000 ccs for silicone implants. So, there is a limited dimension of the breasts that can be achieved when using implants while focusing on the safety and wellbeing of the patient. Of course, there are people who have excessively large breasts achieved with the help of illegal or very dangerous methods that put their wellbeing in danger, but generally speaking, when talking about women with gigantomastia, usually we are talking about natural breasts. 

The overdevelopment of natural breasts can be caused by breast hypertrophy or an excessive accumulation of fat, but this is less common. Breast hypertrophy is characterized by an excessive growth of glandular tissue. There are different factors that can cause this but very few things to do to correct it. 

When a woman has an excess of glandular tissue, the only solution to correct this is to undergo breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery is indicated for women who suffer due to physical and emotional discomforts associated with the excessive size of the breasts. Different health conditions can also be triggered by the volume of the breasts. Due to the pressure put by the breasts on the spine nonstop, permanent deformations of the spine can occur over time if the deformations have occurred long ago, and chances of them becoming almost impossible to correct increase. 


  1.   There is a lot of perspiration on the inframammary fold

Do you ever find a lot of perspiration under your breasts? At some point there was an ad on social media for a special towel women can use under their breasts after they shower until they get dressed. This might make little or no sense for women with normal size or smaller breasts. But women with overly large breasts know that a few minutes after getting out of the shower, there is perspiration on the inframammary fold that they need to dry before getting dressed. Otherwise, their clothes will get wet. It seems like something that can easily be ignored, but intense perspiration under the breasts often means that women with overly large breasts need to be very careful with their choice of clothing during the warm months of the year. Otherwise, they might end up with perspiration stains under their breasts. 


  1.   You can have breadcrumbs in your bra for half a day and have no idea they are there

This sounds like a joke, right? As weird as it might seem, it is not, and women with overly large breasts can testify to this. There are even jokes about women who had pennies in their bras for lots of hours and didn’t notice anything until they took their bra off and noticed the penny embedded in the skin of the breasts. Breadcrumbs, coins, whatever can fall in there might be lost until the bra is taken off. And unfortunately, when it comes to women with overly large breasts, they are with their bra on most of the time. We had patients with overly large breasts who even slept with a bra on because otherwise, the discomfort was too much. When the breasts are this large, the recommendation is to undergo a breast reduction surgery to get breasts that are harmonious to the rest of your anatomy. 



The breasts are a delicate and very important part of a woman’s anatomy. Moreover, recent studies show that some women can have an orgasm only from breast stimulation, so breasts are representative of sex appeal and even sexual gratification. Some women find it difficult to fully enjoy an intimate relationship when confronted with different imperfections on the breasts. While having breasts that are too small compared to the rest of their anatomy is the most frequent issue for many women worldwide, there are also a few who struggle with the excessive size of their breasts. This means that overly large breasts, very far from always being a blessing, can sometimes be a real nightmare. 

Women with overly large breasts encounter limitations and difficulties in performing tasks that might be quite easy for others to do. Moreover, they can also be confronted with different health and emotional complexes. In this article, we have discussed a few things that can be very familiar to women with overly large breasts. 


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