5 important things you should know about the brazilian butt lift

5 important things you should know about the brazilian butt lift

21st Feb 2018

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure often performed nowadays on patients who want to improve the aspect of their buttocks and maintain a natural look of the rear end. Nowadays more and more women want to have a bigger, rounder and more voluptuous behind. Up until a few years ago, a more slim and androgynous silhouette was preferred, but in modern days even the models are expected to show some curves in order to be successful.

When it comes to the big buttocks going mainstream, we also have many celebrities to thank for this such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, to name just a few. However, the big buttocks is a must have only when associated with a very small waist. Having a bigger, round behind and a wasp waist is what most young women today aspire for. Although for some women, training the muscles of the buttocks daily can do the job, not all women can reach the buttocks they want simply by training or eating right. Fortunately, now plastic surgery offers an efficient and safe method to get an enhanced butt and also a better defined and slimmer waist.

The procedure is called the Brazilian butt lift and is commonly performed nowadays with a high success rate when played out by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. In this article, we will discuss five important things you should know about the Brazilian butt lift.

1. The Brazilian butt lift provides natural results

A vast majority of women choose to undergo this procedure because it is different from any other type of butt enhancement intervention in terms of the results achieved. The patients are satisfied with the natural appearance they reach after surgery. Because fat is used, rather than an implant, it gives a totally natural look. When the results of the procedure are final, within three months post-op, it will be difficult for people to say that you had surgery. More than this, it is not possible to detect the fat transferred with the help of X-rays or other imagistic tests, like in the case of implants.

No woman wants her buttocks to look or feel face. One of the biggest benefits of this procedure is that the fat cells injected into the buttocks are natural and real! Your buttocks will feel 100% natural and look bigger and shapelier. Of course, the patient needs to understand that the results achieved with the Brazilian butt lift are not comparable with the ones that occur after the butt augmentation with implants surgery. The Brazilian butt lift helps the patient get a shapelier, more elevated buttock with a firm aspect and more tonus. By using the Brazilian butt lift, we don’t aim for a considerable increase in the size of the buttocks, or at least not in one single session.

2. The Brazilian butt lift helps the patient get curves in all the right places

Curves in all the right places are important for getting closer to the hourglass shape. Most women struggle to get rid of fat from certain parts of the body such as the thighs, lower back, flanks, and abdomen. In the Brazilian butt lift procedure, the plastic surgeon removes fat deposits from one or multiple areas of the body by liposuction and transfers them to the buttocks to add more volume and create curves. And, in a way, this is the beauty and the main advantage of the Brazilian butt lift: you get rid of the fat from areas where you don’t want it and put it where you want it.

3. The Brazilian butt lift delivers results that are easily sustainable in time

When it comes to the results of the Brazilian butt lift, the initial results are visible immediately after the surgery, but the final results can take up to three months to transpire. This means that in three months all the side effects that can naturally occur after the surgery will subside and the patient will be left to enjoy the results of the procedure.

To sustain the results of the Brazilian butt lift in time, the patient is advised to follow a simple post-operative rule: avoid considerable weight fluctuations. If the weight is kept under control, the results of the procedure last longer. Once the fat is grafted in the buttocks and it develops a new blood supply, it will behave like it has been a part of the buttocks always and respond to weight fluctuations just like the other fat cells in the body.

4. The Brazilian butt lift is safe and associated with few and minor risks and complications

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure also preferred by patients who are not ready to accept the risks and potential complications of the butt implants surgery. It is true that the butt lift surgery can provide a more impressive projection in just one session and results that won’t be altered in time by weight fluctuations; however, some patients choose the Brazilian butt lift exactly because it is considered to entail fewer risks and potential complications. When the Brazilian butt lift is performed, all the risks associated with using silicone implants are eliminated. More than this, the procedure entails much smaller incisions compared to the incisions required for the butt augmentation with implants surgery.

This procedure is not associated with any severe complications, and often, the worst that can happen after the procedure is performed is not to achieve the desired results. Infections rarely occur after the fat transfer to the buttocks, as well as other complications that are commonly associated with major surgical interventions.

5. The Brazilian butt lift can be performed repeatedly

You might have seen celebrities that look like her buttocks are growing from one year to the other while the waist gets smaller and smaller. This is probably a result achieved with the help of a Brazilian butt lift. The fat transfer to the butts can be performed repeatedly if the anatomy of the patient allows it. This means that the patient can have a significant increase in the size of the buttocks, but not achieve in a single session, but over the years and with repeated procedures. This is a good option for patients who want a more considerable increase, but don’t want to get it all at once.

At the same time, performing repeated sessions of the fat transfer to the buttocks will also allow the plastic surgeon to correct potential asymmetries left after the initial intervention and improve the results even more.

Injecting too much fat in the buttocks in one session could cause the fat that was grafted to die. Having repeated sessions of fat transfer ensures that a significant amount of the fat injected gets a new blood network and survives in the new environment. More than this, there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be extracted in a single session of liposuction. The recommendation is not to remove more than six or seven liters of fat in one operative time. If the patient has more fat that could be removed, an additional session could take care of that and reshape the body furthermore.

Keep in mind that you should allow at least six months in between fat transfer sessions or more, depending on the recovery process after the initial intervention and your plastic surgeon’s recommendations.


The Brazilian butt lift is a very sought after procedure nowadays because of five important things that we discussed in this article today. The main things you should know about the Brazilian butt lift are related to the natural results that could be achieved with the procedure and that these results are easily sustainable in time if the patient avoids considerable weight fluctuations. It is also important to mention that the procedure is safe and associated with few risks and potential complications compared to other butt enhancement procedures. The intervention doesn’t provide an impressive projection that can be achieved only with butt implants, but if multiple sessions of fat transfer are performed, the size of the buttocks might be increased even more. When choosing the Brazilian butt lift, the complications associated with butt implants are completely eliminated and also the risks of developing an infection are quite small.

One of the main benefits that make the Brazilian butt lift so desirable is the fact that it helps the patient get curves in all the right places. In other words, the patient gets rid of unwanted fat from some area and gets more fat in areas where it is needed.

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