5 lesser known things about plastic surgery

5 lesser known things about plastic surgery

15th May 2019

5 lesser known things about plastic surgery



While plastic surgery is certainly not a taboo topic anymore, it is certainly a field of medicine that is surrounded by myths and legends. After seeing so much of it on media thanks to all the reality shows, magazines, and the flood of information that is available online for free, it is easy for some people to believe they are practically experts in plastic surgery just because they met someone who had a boob job or because they wanted to get liposuction at some point.

There are details about plastic surgery that are common knowledge. There are myths, and there are also things less known. In this article we will discuss five lesser known things about plastic surgery:


  1.    The most performed procedures on women are liposuction and breast implants

New procedures are developed every day to respond to a new need or an increase in demand for something in particular. However, there are some things that stay the same year after year, and for the last few years, breast augmentation with implants and liposuction have been in the top of the most performed procedures on women. Liposuction corrects unwanted adipose deposits localized in different areas of the body. The procedure is performed on patients of a normal weight who find it difficult or impossible to get rid of localized fat deposits. With aging, fat can start to accumulate in different areas of the body, particularly the midline, even for patients who keep an active lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why liposuction is so in demand nowadays. It provides a solution to a problem that affects men and women alike of different ages. Moreover, the results of liposuction are easily sustainable if the patient is committed to maintaining a constant weight with little fluctuations. Liposuction is also commonly performed as a part of the fat transfer procedures.

Breast implant surgery delivers the breasts of their dreams to women from all over the world who suffer because their breasts are underdeveloped and not proportionate to the rest of their anatomy. Breast implants are preferred to other methods for breast augmentation such as lipofilling because it provides results that are easier to sustain and more impressive in just one operation. Nowadays we are using the fifth generation of implants which are safe for the patient and have FDA approval. Most women who suffer from other imperfections of the breasts such as sagginess or an unpleasant shape can also decide to get a breast lift to correct the imperfection.


  1.    Men undergo plastic surgery to get rid of feminine-looking breasts

While most women resort to plastic surgery to get bigger breasts, one of the most sought-after procedures when it comes to male patients is gynecomastia, the procedure performed with the aim of reshaping the man’s chest and getting rid of feminine-looking breasts. There are different causes behind enlarged breasts in men, but mostly hormonal imbalance. Some men will suffer from this condition during their teenage years and notice it disappears without additional treatment while others will have it in their adult lives.

The breast reduction surgery in men is called gynecomastia, and it entails the removal of the mammary gland tissue that is in excess, aside from the fat and skin tissue that are also in surplus. The recovery period is not overly long, and in a matter of months, a full recovery is possible. After the procedure, men can enjoy a more masculine-looking chest with no excess of glandular tissue.


  1.    Buttock enhancement procedures are on the rise

If we have a look at the statistics, the big booty has seen a rise in popularity over the last couple of years. There are plenty of celebrities that turned the big booty trend mainstream, and it is also the fact that nice, curvaceous, voluptuous, perky buttocks are indeed a beautiful feature on a woman. Moreover, men have started to take an interest in undergoing buttock augmentation procedures as well. There are two types of procedures that are commonly performed nowadays: butt augmentation with implants and the Brazilian butt lift. The Brazilian butt lift is a modern procedure that entails the remodeling of the buttocks with the help of the patient’s own fat cells. The increase in the size of the buttocks is not considerable after just one session of fat transfer, but the improvement in shape and contour can be impressive. Patients choose the Brazilian butt lift as it is safe and the results are completely natural.

Butt augmentation with implants is a complex procedure that entails the use of external prostheses made out of semi-solid silicone that are inserted into the buttocks to increase their volume and projection. Gluteal implants can only be positioned on the upper part of the buttocks as they need to be inside or under the gluteal muscles. In some cases, the plastic surgeon might recommend a combination of the two procedures for certain patients, depending on their aesthetic goals and anatomical characteristics.


  1.    Plastic surgery is used to erase the signs of aging on the body

What most people are not aware of is that the signs of aging don’t occur only on the face, but they affect the rest of the body as well. For example, think of breast ptosis, saggy skin on the arms, saggy lower part of the belly, and adipose deposits on the midline. All these are often signs of aging or accentuated by an improper lifestyle or bad habits. Plastic surgery comes to help people who want to look younger. Nowadays there are different procedures that are performed on the body for this purpose precisely.

For example, body lift procedures aim to eliminate saggy skin that can be present in different areas of the body. The breast lift is commonly requested by women who are of a certain age or have had the appearance of their breasts affected by different other factors such as weight fluctuations or multiple pregnancies. The tummy tuck is also in this category as it can help the patient achieve a more youthful, toned and firm appearance of the tummy by strengthening loose abdominal muscles and removing the excess of skin present in the area. Fat transfer can also be performed for rejuvenation purposes as with aging, the body can lose volume in some areas while fat tends to accumulate in others.


  1.    Plastic surgery is often performed with the patient under general anesthesia

There are multiple anesthesia types available nowadays: general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, and local anesthesia with IV; however, you will discover that many procedures performed on the body are done using general anesthetic.

You might wonder why the need to use general anesthesia if the procedure can be done with spinal or local anesthesia. In a vast majority of cases, this happens because it is the option that provides more comfort for the patient. When under general anesthesia, the patient will feel no pain and have no memory of what happened during the operation. This means no emotional trauma related to the surgical act. Moreover, some procedures can take longer and again, general anesthetic is preferred in these cases. The recommendation for one type of anesthesia or the other will be made by the plastic surgeon together with the anesthetist only after a thorough medical examination and a discussion about your medical history. Keep in mind that it is important to mention whether you have certain allergies as this will help the plastic surgeon make the right decision when it comes to the suitable anesthesia type for your particular case.



Most people think they know more about plastic surgery than about any other medical field. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is true that plastic surgery has been highly mediatized for the last few years, and more and more people are undergoing procedures as they became more accessible, but this doesn’t make us all experts in plastic surgery. Moreover, it is important to know that nowadays it can actually be difficult to find quality information about plastic surgery and this is why we recommend getting all the info you need from your plastic surgeon rather than from friends or online.

In this article, we have discussed five lesser known things about plastic surgery. Knowing details about this field can help you make an informed decision should you choose to resort to plastic surgery in the future.


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