5 questions most women have about their breasts

5 questions most women have about their breasts

07th Nov 2019

5 Questions most women have about their breasts



Most women are conscious about their physical features, especially the aesthetics of the breasts. There is no doubt that the breasts are the symbols of your femininity. The breasts also affect your overall physical appearance. As such, you might be having many questions in your mind about your breasts. You are not alone. Almost all women have some questions about their breasts, and only some of them seek answers to those questions because most women feel embarrassed to ask them. 

Due to the importance of the breasts in your sexuality and femininity, the breasts have caught the attention of women and men equally. The aesthetic features, size, and anatomy of the breasts are considered as a substantial ground to gauge your fertility as well. Below are the top 5 questions that most women have about their breasts. 


Is my breast size normal?

The size of the breasts has been a yardstick to judge the physical attractiveness of the female breasts and her overall beauty. There is no doubt that a majority of men and women favor bigger breasts. As such, most women have this question in their mind as to whether their breast size is normal. The answer is that there isn’t a standard breast size that is considered or proven to be normal. Whether your breast size is normal depends on how well it conforms to your overall physical appearance and features. 

While bigger might be better, it is not better for every woman. For example, if your breasts are enormous but don’t accentuate your overall body outline, they are not ideally sized. Likewise, if your breasts are too small to fit your body outline and accentuate your other physical features like your height and BMI, they don’t have an ideal size. 

Your genes determine the size of your breasts, meaning that every woman would be getting differently sized breasts depending on their genetic tendencies. And the way you feel about your breast size is exceptionally personal and skewed. Keep in mind that technically, there is no breast size that can be ideal for all women. An ideally sized breast would be balanced with your body shape, height, weight, and body outline. 

The most challenging task for any woman is to determine whether their breasts accentuate their physical features. The most effective way to get an answer to whether your breast size is ideal is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced and understands the aesthetics of the female body. 


How can I get bigger breasts?

Having bigger boobs is one of the most common dreams of women. If you desire to get bigger breasts, you might be asking as to how you can get that luscious and voluptuous bust. When searching for the solution, you may come across some supplements, creams, and lotions the manufacturers of which claim to make your breasts bigger quickly. Most of these offers are fake, and the makers of those products are just after your hard-earned money. There is no such medicine, lotion, cream, or supplement that has been proven to effectively augment the breasts. 

The good news is that there does exist cosmetic surgery procedures that can effectively increase your breast size. The two popular options to augment the breasts are via implants and fat transfer. Both of these are FDA-approved, safe, and deliver reliable outcomes. However, not all women can qualify for these procedures. The patient has to meet specific requirements to get satisfactory results.

To get any of these procedures, you must consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in breast augmentation surgery. The doctor will examine your breasts and other physical features to determine whether you need a breast augmentation. If you do, he will assess your overall health and ask you about the improvements you want to achieve. He will also measure your breast dimensions, weight, and height.

Breast implant surgery is recommended for women who want to get large breasts, whereas fat transfer surgery is for women who wish to have shapelier breasts with mild projection and fullness. Since you want to get bigger breasts, the surgeon may recommend implants. The implants, which come in different sizes, are inserted and placed into the breasts through incisions. How large your breasts will be after the surgery depends on the implant size to a greater extent. The plastic surgeon can help you select an implant size that is suitable for your body and can make your breasts look as normal and as natural as possible. 


My breasts are too large. How can I reduce them?

One of the major aesthetic and medical problems that many women suffer from is having excessively large breasts. If your breasts are too large and the condition is creating physical and emotional pain for you, you might be thinking as to how you can get rid of the condition. Many women get huge breasts due to genetic factors, the use of certain medicines, and massive weight gain. The breasts are primarily made of mammary glands, fat, and muscles. The reason why the breasts become huge is an enlargement of the mammary glands or increase in the fat content or both.

When the breasts become excessively large, it creates physical pain for the patient. For example, the excess weight of the breasts is not easy to carry, and most women experience pain in localized areas of their bodies such as the neck, back, shoulder, and even the chest. Furthermore, huge breasts also look aesthetically unwelcoming because they don’t accentuate your overall body outline. They look abnormal and create self-esteem issues for the patient.

Luckily, there is a plastic surgery procedure called breast reduction surgery that effectively reduces huge breasts, making them ideally sized and giving them a normal appearance. During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will examine your breasts and determine why the breasts have become huge. If it is primarily due to excess fat in the breasts, the surgeon may recommend liposuction during which the excess fat will be removed from the breasts. 

On the other hand, if the cause of your huge breasts is surplus glandular tissue and excess fat, then you may require more invasive surgery. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts and then excise the excess mammary glands and the excess fat from the breasts. As a result, your breast size will decrease and the physical and emotional discomforts linked with the condition will alleviate. 


Will my breasts remain perky for a lifetime?

Besides desiring to have ideally sized and bigger breasts, women also want to have firmer, perky, and tighter breasts. The firmness of the breasts symbolizes your youthfulness and energy. Many women want to know whether their breasts will remain firm and perky forever. A majority of the women have firmer and youthful breasts during their youth, but as they age, the breasts become loose and saggy. 

The leading factors that are held responsible for breast sagging include pregnancy, breastfeeding, massive weight fluctuations, aging, and gravity. Fortunately, there is a treatment available for saggy breasts. Known as the breast lift, this treatment involves incisions on the breasts, tightening of the loose and weak breast muscles, and removal of the excess skin from the breasts. It may also include a lifting of the nipples and reduction of the areolas if necessary. 


What type of breasts do men like?

The breasts are the first things that men notice when they see women. This happens naturally, and while you may feel that a man is looking at your breasts, the man may not be consciously aware of it. The breasts are the most sexualized organs of the female body and men judge your femininity and fertility by looking at your breasts. Given the importance of the breasts in your sexuality, you may be wondering as to what type of breasts men like. Even though the answer can vary from men to men, most men generally like women with bigger, firmer, and shapelier breasts. These features make you look more feminine, fertile, and sexy. Also, they want a balance between your breast size and other physical characteristics. 



Women are incredibly conscious when it comes to the appearance of the breasts. The breasts signify and define your physical beauty, femininity, fertility, and overall health. As such, you may have questions in mind about your breasts. This is natural and normal, and almost all women have such questions that they seek answers to. In this article, I have discussed the five most common questions that most women have about their breasts. Do not be embarrassed to get answers to your questions about your breasts because it can help you seek treatments and improve your breasts in case any issues exist. 


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