5 Reasons why a Buttock Augmentation will Change your Life

5 Reasons why a Buttock Augmentation will Change your Life

06th May 2017


Butt augmentation is closely related to breast augmentation surgery in the sense that both operations involve relatively similar procedures and both techniques are meant to refine one’s aesthetic appearance. Conversely, the two augmentation surgeries differ in terms of the shape and composition of the implants as well as the type of incisions used in each technique. In this article, we will focus on butt augmentation surgery and its impact on a person’s daily life.RejuvenusBlogCommonSideEffectsOfThighLift

Buttock augmentation is a common practice among many women for a variety of reasons. Some of them want to appear more attractive, while others feel that the size of their buttocks is inadequate. Because several women can be rather competitive about their figure, achieving a perfectly proportionate outline almost seems like a contest. Those who wish to improve the size and shape of their buttocks, however, have two options to choose from. They can opt for buttock augmentation with implants or autologous fat transfer. While butt implants are typically quite hard and are completely made of silicone, fat transfer makes use of the patient’s own surplus fat to achieve fuller buttocks.

A sensuous derriere remains to be one of the hottest trends among many female celebrities. As a result, Hollywood celebrities with small bums are pressured into correcting this issue through butt implant surgery. Over the years, as society has become increasingly accepting of plastic surgery, quite a few female celebrities have gone under the knife with the aim of improving this slight physical imperfection. Many of them chose implants that yielded a more attractive and prominent shape.

Genetics plays a significant role in the development of our buttocks and this is why everyone has a unique posterior. While we all have different reasons to hate or love our backsides, butt augmentation offers a fair selection of implants to help you achieve your ideal figure. You can choose from an assortment of shapes and sizes, and you can also discuss the placement of the incisions with your surgeon.

Butt augmentation, as with any other surgical procedure, can lead to complications depending on the strength of an individual’s immune system and regard for post-operative care. The extent of a complication from a butt augmentation surgery is influenced by the experience of the surgeon, the body’s reaction to the anesthetic and the implants, and by how closely the patient follows the surgeon’s instructions for post-operative care.

The success or failure of the butt augmentation surgery can be attributed to numerous factors. One aspect is the body’s reaction to the butt implants as they are introduced into the buttocks. This is a normal physiological response against foreign substances; and as such, the surgeon should be suitably prepared for this situation. On the other hand, the cosmetic surgeon may also suggest the Brazilian butt lift. This fat transfer technique involves the liposuction of fat from certain donor areas such as the hips, abdominal area and thighs. Surplus fat is suctioned from the specified areas and subsequently purified in order to obtain viable fat cells. Finally, these purified fat cells are injected into the buttocks to increase their volume. This is a more natural way to augment the buttocks and many women prefer this method over the use of implants.

Here are five things you need to know about how a buttock augmentation can change your life:

1. You become more attractive

A number of psychologists say that men are attracted to women with bigger derrieres and that having large buttocks enhances the shape and curvature of the female body. Hence, butt augmentation surgery can indeed make you look more beautiful and sexier. Female celebrities who have undergone drastic transformations through this procedure are often praised for the changes in their physique; still, there are some women who refuse to disclose whether they have had surgery. Regardless, many women still think of butt augmentation as an investment because of its numerous benefits.

2. Butt augmentation increases your self-confidence

Since women with more pronounced buttocks are more likely to attract the attention of men, their self-esteem consequently increases. Furthermore, women who are insecure about their bodies find it more difficult to develop strong social skills than women with enhanced figures.

3. Butt augmentation can ease the burden caused by pregnancy

Women with larger bums may find pregnancy more comfortable than their smaller contemporaries because the size of their buttocks increases stability and mobility during gestation. Moreover, bigger butts support the additional weight of the fetus and it may even improve the mother’s posture during pregnancy. Thus, butt augmentation makes pregnancy more manageable and easier to bear.

4. It gives you a natural look

Women who have undertaken butt augmentation feel satisfied with the natural appearance of their derrieres. Not only do they gain more recognition for their physique, but they also become more confident in front of others. Women usually prefer fat transfer over implants because the former involves the use of the patient’s own excess adipose tissue to attain their desired butt size. The use of body fat makes the results seem natural and it is also less prone to complications because it eliminates the possibility of an immune response.

5. Buttocks enhancement can make you happier

Butt augmentation, when performed by a licensed professional, can yield amazing results and happy clients. Women who go through successful plastic surgery procedures gain a sense of fulfillment from their enhanced appearance which leads to increased productivity and self-esteem. They also tend to become more outgoing as they are no longer embarrassed about their bodies.


The aforementioned examples are only a few of the many benefits of undergoing a buttock augmentation surgery. In contrast, several disastrous results have been noted in cases where an unqualified individual performs surgery on innocent patients. These unwitting patients are usually lured by inexpensive surgical fees or suspicious ads about new techniques that have never been subjected to clinical trials. These may lead to painful side effects, disfigurement, and possible death. As such, you should meticulously select the right surgeon to ensure your safety and to achieve great results.


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