5 things never to do before a breast augmentation with implants

5 things never to do before a breast augmentation with implants

30th Sep 2018

Breast augmentation is widely available nowadays in most parts of the world, and many women resort to this intervention to get the breasts of their dreams; fuller, bigger breasts that will help them feel more confident and improve their self-image. Since the dawn of time, the breasts have probably been the most important symbol of femininity, so it is no wonder that women who have small or underdeveloped breasts are considering breast augmentation as a method to feel more feminine and have a stronger sex-appeal.

Due to the increased popularity of the procedure and its presence in the mass media on a daily basis, most patients know what to expect in terms of the pre-, during, and post-operative stages of the procedure. However, there are some things you might not have considered and you should never do before a breast augmentation with implants.

1. Don’t buy bras or clothing

Some women who have scheduled their breast augmentation procedure believe that they know exactly how their breasts will look like once the intervention is performed. They tell the plastic surgeon they want to get from a B bra size cup to a D, and they feel confident this is what they will achieve with the procedure. So they go and buy bras and clothing to wear after the procedure. You should not do this. First of all, the bra that you need to wear during the recovery period is a special post-operative bra or a sports bra that will be recommended by your plastic surgeon. During the recovery period, you will also be advised to wear clothing that is loose and easy to put on, such as button-up shirts and blouses. A T-shirt might seem like a more comfortable option after your surgery, but there is one reason why this is not the case. To be able to put on the T-shirt, you will need to lift your hands above your shoulders. This is a movement strongly discouraged after a breast augmentation with implants, especially if the sub-muscular placement was used. Ample arm movement after a breast implant surgery can result in unnecessary pain.

If you want to go shopping before your breast augmentation surgery, forget getting bras. You will need to try them on before choosing something that is suitable and fit your new breasts. But you can get some loose shirts or blouses if you don’t have any in your wardrobe, as they will come in handy during the recovery period.

2. Don’t perform intense physical exercises

After the intervention, the plastic surgeon will recommend you to avoid intense physical exercises for a month or more after breast implant surgery. The break from strenuous physical exercises is meant to allow your body to restore and also for the injured breast tissues to heal. However, many plastic surgeons fail to mention all the details about the pre-operative preparations. Intense physical exercises performed before your breast augmentation procedure can prolong your recovery process and make it more painful, especially if you have the implants placed in the dual plane or under the pectoral muscle.

3. Don’t expose your breasts to the sun

Sun exposure is not recommended either before or after a plastic surgery on the areas targeted. Sun exposure can cause discolorations of the scars and can also make the healing of the surgical wounds more difficult. The skin needs to be in perfect condition prior to surgery to ensure you have an optimal healing process. Scar appearance is an important part of the success of any plastic surgery, especially if we are talking about a sensitive area such as the breasts. Cover yourself if you have to go to the beach and use sunscreen for months before and after the procedure.

4. Don’t take natural supplements without the plastic surgeon’s consent

Some plastic surgeons will recommend their patients to take certain natural supplements before or after the procedure while others will not. Personally, I only encourage the use of Arnica Montana post-operatively and vitamin C before and after the procedure. Aside from these supplements, I advise my patients to stay away from everything else and to let me know if they took anything a week or two before the intervention. There are certain natural supplements that can trigger excessive blood loss during or after the surgery and others that can lead to the formation of blood clots. Make sure to call your plastic surgeon if you took a supplement that was not on the list.

5. Don’t smoke

This is not news, of course. However, we need to emphasize on this important aspect. Smoking before breast augmentation with implants can cause severe complications and a longer recovery period. I recommend my patients to stop smoking as soon as possible after deciding they want to undergo a breast augmentation, preferably at least a month before the date of the intervention. If ceasing smoking altogether is not possible, then the number of cigarettes smoked per day should be reduced drastically. The lack of proper oxygenation of the tissues that is caused by smoking can lead to bad scarring, the opening of the surgical wounds, and even infection. Stay away from smoking before and after the intervention for as long as possible to ensure you have an uneventful recovery process.


When meeting with your plastic surgeon for your pre-operative consultation, he should give you a list of recommendations to help you prepare for the surgery. Avoiding smoking and not taking any natural supplements that were not recommended by your surgeon is essential for the success of your intervention. It is also important for you to avoid sun exposure on your breasts on the month before the breast augmentation and intense physical exercises the week before your procedure is performed. Don’t buy any bras or fitted clothing before the procedure as you might not get the right measurements.

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