5 Things You Didn’t Know About Butt Implants

18th Oct 2018

Even if the butt implant procedure is commonly performed nowadays, there are still things that people don’t know about implants. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about buttock implants:

1. Butt implants are not the same as breast implants
Many people mistakenly think that butt implants and breast implants are the same thing. In reality, they are completely different. Unlike a breast implant that is made of a silicone shell filled with either silicone gel or saline solution, butt implants are completely constructed with semi-solid silicone material. Butt implants are highly durable, and they do not rupture or leak. You will not be required to remove or replace butt implants unless serious complications occur.

2. Bigger is not always better
Many patients insist on getting huge buttock implants, thinking the results would be better. The reality is that if the size of the implant is too large for your buttock dimensions and doesn’t accentuate your overall body outline and anatomy, the results would be worse. Also, if you have a petite or thin body, do not choose very large implants. Ideally, the implant should complement your body size, height, and shape, in addition to being easily accommodated in your buttocks.

3. The results of butt implants are permanent but not as natural as a fat transfer to the buttocks
While you can achieve permanent aesthetic improvements with butt implants, the result will not be as natural as the result of the fat transfer procedure because butt implants are foreign objects. However, the plastic surgeon can use his skills and artistry to sculpt your buttocks, so they can appear toned, sensuous, and fuller. This will compensate for the not-so-natural outcomes.

4. Some complications can necessitate removal of butt implants
Even though the gluteal implants deliver permanent results and stay with you for a lifetime, there are certain serious complications that, if occur, can necessitate removal of the implants. These complications include infection, capsular contracture, implant displacement, and severe, unending pain or discomfort.

5. Butt implants can be placed below, within, or over the butt muscle
There are three options for implant placement: within the buttock muscles, under the butt muscle, and over the butt muscle. Most surgeons prefer the first two options as they deliver better results and involve lesser risks. Placing the implant over the butt muscle entails more risks regarding aesthetics and health. As such, most surgeons avoid this option.

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