5 things you didn’t know about the breast augmentation procedures

5 things you didn’t know about the breast augmentation procedures

13th Oct 2016

The procedure has been performed for more than half a century already, which may lead you to believe that everyone fully understands the procedure. Oddly, there are still many things left unknown. No matter how thoroughly you research online, there will be things about the breast augmentation procedure that you are not aware of, at least not until you have the meeting with your plastic surgeon. However, it is still possible for the surgeon to leave out or forget some other important information regarding the breast augmentation procedure.


So, listed below are five things you probably didn’t know about your breasts and the breast augmentation procedure as a whole:


1.The first breast augmentation procedure

The first breast augmentation surgery was performed at the beginning of the 19th century in France. The first breast implant actually consisted of fat. Before discovering the silicone implants, doctors tried out breast augmentation with different sorts of objects, one weirder than the other. This included materials like ox cartilage, glass balls, polyester and even rubber. Do we have to tell you what the results were? Disastrous, of course.
Nowadays, more than 70% of the women from all over the world would like to have bigger, rounder, perkier breasts. The world record for the biggest silicone implants breasts belongs to a porn star who had no less than nine breast augmentation surgeries. Her breasts hold almost 4 liters of silicone by now.


2.Breasts have different dimensions

It is surprising how often we have to reiterate the fact that our breasts are not identical. They are not twins, but think of them as sisters. There are simply no breasts with the same exact dimensions, but they might appear that way because of its similarities. Approximately 80% of the women have a slightly bigger left breast than the right one. Don’t worry, it is natural for breasts to be slightly asymmetric. Also, a medium size breast weighs about 400-500 grams and is approximately 1% of a woman’s total weight.
In addition, all women will find small bumps on their areolas, usually around the nipple. These are called Montgomery glands. Their role hasn’t been exactly established, but some believe they are there to lube the nipple area.
The reason it is important to keep in mind that you naturally have different dimensions for each breasts is so you will have realistic expectations after the procedure. Fat transfer or breast implants still won’t make them perfectly symmetrical. If after the breast augmentation surgery your breasts will look similar in dimension, shape, and projection, then you can already consider the surgery as successful. On the other hand, if you are truly unhappy with the breast asymmetry, you can consult with your plastic surgeon to resolve the issue.


3.The breasts get fat

Some patiBreasts are mostly made of adipose tissue, mammary glands, and collagen (responsible for the breast firmness). With the natural aging process, the body will produce less and less collagen, causing fat deposits to form. This causes the breast sagging process to occur faster. Moreover, the fat we gain will be distributed throughout the body. Studies have shown that when you put on 1 kg, your breasts will get bigger by 20 grams. We had patients who believed that putting on weight is the best method to augment the breasts, but in actuality, when your whole body becomes rounder, the few grams on your breasts will become even less visible.


4.Breasts can have an erection

Breasts are quite important erogenous areas of the human body. It has been proven that when the breasts are manually stimulated, they become firmer and can even increase their volume by 25% during foreplay and sexual intercourse due to the hormonal modifications that occur in the body (i.e. oxytocin is produced in a larger quantity). It has been said that about 1% of women can reach orgasm by just the manual stimulation of the breasts. Lucky women, right?
This is significant because a breast augmentation procedure may affect your breasts’ sensitivity, thereby changing how your body is stimulated during intercourse.


5.Men’s breasts can lactate

In most cases, lactation in men occurs as a side effect of treatments that involved feminine hormones. The treatments are usually used to cure certain afflictions. Some researchers claim that only men with a hyper prolactin secretion can produce milk, while others are convinced that any new dad can do it if he wishes it badly enough.
It is known that men have mammary glands, just like women, but the only difference here is of a hormonal nature. For women, the prolactin production is triggered after giving birth, whereas men can produce milk only if the nipple is highly stimulated.



According to the Guinness Book of Records, the biggest breasts in the world weighed 58 kg, with a diameter of 1 meter and belonged to an African-American woman. Another interesting fact to note is that women in Great Britain have the biggest breasts in Europe and over half of them wear bras with a D cup. This is based on a study performed by a lingerie company.
With that said, the bra cup doesn’t really say much about your overall body aspect. You can have a D cup, but if you are overweight, it will still not stand out and look appealing. Thus, breast augmentation results are much more noticeable when performed on a patient with a stable and proportional body weight in order to have significant breast projection. This can completely change the appearance of a woman and enhance her profile immensely.
More and more women undergo breast augmentation surgery. The procedure has become accessible over the years and now women coming from all financial backgrounds can benefit from it. The breast augmentation surgery can give you amazing breasts and be a part of surgically creating the hourglass figure you have always wanted. But before that, you should also keep in mind these 5 facts about breast augmentation because it may affect your results and expectations.


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