5 things you were not aware of regarding butt augmentation surgery

5 things you were not aware of regarding butt augmentation surgery

22nd Jun 2019



Many people who want to undergo buttock augmentation surgery are not fully aware of the procedure. As such, they are curious as to what it involves and how it is performed. Buttock augmentation is a major plastic surgery procedure that is used to enhance a smaller and poorly shaped derriere. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

If your buttocks are smaller or poorly shaped, buttock augmentation can help address these aesthetic flaws. After the surgery, your buttocks will be bigger, projected, and sexy. As a result, your self-esteem will be restored and you will feel good about your body image. In this article, I am going to discuss 5 essential things you might not be aware of regarding the buttock augmentation surgery.


  1. Buttock augmentation is a complicated procedure

Many people assume that buttock augmentation is a simple procedure like putting on makeup or getting a haircut. But the reality is that buttock augmentation surgery is highly invasive, involves surgical trauma, and uses sophisticated techniques. Since you undergo surgery to improve your cosmetic appearance, the procedure calls for high-level surgical skills and the artistry to sculpt the buttocks into the desired size and shape. It also calls for the surgeon to have a higher sense of aesthetics of the female buttocks and body so that your buttocks can appear sensuous, more feminine, and sexy after the procedure.

There are two types of buttock augmentation procedures; both are meant to fix different aesthetic flaws in the buttocks, and both of them involve the use of sophisticated techniques. Buttock implant surgery involves incisions on the buttocks whereas fat transfer involves incisions on the fat donor sites. During butt implant surgery, the doctor will carefully place pre-selected implants inside the buttocks and then put them in a pocket created under, within, or over the butt muscle. The incision is then sutured and closed.

On the other hand, fat transfer uses liposuction to remove the excess fat from different areas of your body like the abdomen and sides. The fat is then spun at high speed in a centrifuge for purification purposes. The purified fat is then carefully injected with a special needle into the buttocks. Fat transfer is best for patients who want to get shapelier buttocks, whereas butt implants are best for patients who want to get large buttocks. Both procedures are invasive and major operations.


  1. Buttock augmentation can also improve your body outline

While buttock augmentation can make your buttocks bigger and shapelier, a little-known fact about the procedure is that it can also improve your body outline. The aesthetic improvements achieved in the buttocks will ultimately translate into the enhancement of your body outline and definition as well. It will also improve your other body features if appropriately performed.

To achieve aesthetic improvements in your body outline via buttock augmentation surgery, be sure to choose your plastic surgeon carefully. If you are undergoing the butt implant procedure, you must select the implant size carefully. Selecting an implant size that does not accentuate your outline not only makes your buttocks look abnormal but also makes your body outline look aesthetically unwelcoming.

When it comes to fat transfer, the surgeon needs to have high-level skills and artistry to carve your buttocks into the desired shape. If the surgeon is inexperienced, he will ruin your buttock shape and body outline. On the other hand, if the surgeon is experienced, he can sculpt your buttocks in a way that can enhance your overall body definition. The good news is that fat transfer uses liposuction to remove stubborn fat pockets from localized areas of your body like the abdomen, sides, and upper back. As a result, these areas become contoured, which in turn improves your body outline.


  1. You can get fat transfer over the butt implants

Many patients assume that they can undergo only one type of buttock augmentation surgery. However, the reality is that you can get both procedures at the same time or at different times. The combined surgery is recommended for patients who desire to have both bigger and shapelier buttocks. Butt implant surgery will make your buttocks large whereas the fat transfer procedure will make them shapelier.

In most cases, the procedures are performed at separate times. The patients will first undergo butt implant surgery, and after some months she can undergo the fat grafting procedure. Logically speaking, the buttock implant surgery is performed first and the fat is then injected over the implants so that they can be adequately covered, your buttocks can become shapelier, and the results can look natural.

Usually, butt implant surgery is recommended for patients who lack excess fat in their body to qualify for fat transfer. But depending on your aesthetic goals, you will be required first to undergo butt implant surgery even if you have excess fat in your body. You will then get fat grafting over the implants. Keep in mind that fat transfer will make your buttocks shapelier, but it will not make them considerably fuller or voluminous. Butt implant surgery is vital along with the fat grafting if you aim to get both large and shapelier behinds.

Some patients also get fat grafting after butt implant surgery because they become dissatisfied with the results of the implants. Also, the aesthetic goals of some patients change over time and depending on their goal, the surgeon may recommend fat grafting over the butt implants. If you are in good health, have realistic goals, and are sufficiently motivated for the surgery, you can be a good candidate for fat transfer after getting implants.


  1. Buttock implant results are permanent

Many people don’t know that the buttock implants and their results are permanent. Unlike breast implants, buttock implants are permanent objects. They are made of highly durable and cohesive silicone material that can withstand immense pressure. Once the implants are placed inside your buttocks, they can remain with you for a lifetime. These implants are immune to ruptures and leaks, which is why they are more popular.

The construction of the buttock implants is robust, which makes the results permanent as well. The implants are placed inside the buttocks through incisions. After the procedure, your buttocks will become large and voluptuous. The buttock size and shape will remain intact in most cases during your life. Even in your old age, your buttocks will look bigger, shapelier, and sexy.

However, certain rare complications may necessitate the removal of the implants, which means the results will also be lost. However, you can get new implants after the removal of old implants. The complications that can trigger the need for removal of the implants include capsular contracture and infections. Capsular contracture is a condition that occurs when the scar tissue contracts and clasps the implants, which can lead to a change in your buttock shape and even create pain. You can get rid of the condition by having the implants removed along with the scar tissue.

Infection of the implants is also a serious but rare problem that may happen after the procedure. When the implants get infected, it is necessary to remove the implants and disinfect the area.


  1. Buttock augmentation can be customized to your needs

Buttock augmentation is a customizable procedure. The procedure can be performed according to your needs and the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks. The surgical techniques are flexible enough to be tweaked according to your needs. Butt implants come in different sizes and anatomic and round shapes. The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks and assess your aesthetic goals before recommending the implant size and shape. Given the different sizes available, your buttocks can be enlarged to the extent that you may desire. However, make sure the implant sizes go well with your body outline.

Fat grafting can also be tweaked to your needs and customized in a way that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Different patients have different aesthetic needs and goals, and the good news is that fat grafting can cater to the needs of almost all patients who desire to have a shapelier and aesthetically appealing derriere.



Buttock augmentation surgery is a major plastic surgery procedure that can effectively enhance the shape and size of your buttocks. Many people are not aware of some of the critical facts about the procedure. In this article, I have explained the 5 little-known facts about the surgery. It is crucial for patients to do their research and acquaint themselves with the procedures, its benefits, and the pros and cons. Doing so will help you make a better decision about whether to undergo the procedure and what to expect after the surgery.


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