6 steps to getting spectacular breasts with breast augmentation

6 steps to getting spectacular breasts with breast augmentation

03rd Jun 2019



If you want bigger, fuller, rounder breasts that have a youthful appearance and a high position on the chest wall, breast implant surgery performed as a stand-alone procedure or with a breast lift might be the best option to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. The breast augmentation procedure uses implants to correct underdeveloped breasts and give them the volume that is needed to make them more proportionate to the rest of the body.

Women who resort to this procedure often want to achieve more harmonious proportions and get rid of the complexes that can often be associated with mammary hypoplasia. There could be many reasons for the lack of volume of the breasts. Some patients suffer from this condition ever since puberty; others are confronted with it later on in life, after multiple pregnancies, and there are others who will notice a loss of breast volume that occurs after major weight loss.

The procedure can be performed with the patient under general anesthesia in about an hour and a half. However, it is not the duration of the procedure that is important in this case, but the talent and experience of the plastic surgeon and the patient’s dedication to achieving good results after the procedure.

In this article we will discuss six steps to getting spectacular breasts with a breast augmentation:


Step 1: Choose the plastic surgeon wisely

This recommendation is valid when it comes to any other type of plastic surgery procedure. However, it is essential when it comes to breast augmentation. If the botched results of an abdominal liposuction can be masked by clothing, it will be very difficult to hide botched breasts after a breast augmentation procedure, mostly because the procedure will make them bigger.

The plastic surgeon should be board-certified and specialized in performing this procedure. This means that you will have to look for a plastic surgeon who performs this procedure routinely so he can guide you through this procedure. Getting someone who lacks experience can result not only in unsatisfactory results but also complications that could have been otherwise avoided.  


Step 2: Choose the implants wisely

After making sure your plastic surgeon is talented, experienced, board-certified and a skilled communicator, the next step would be to make sure you choose the breast implants wisely. While it is the plastic surgeon’s responsibility to make recommendations for the implants after listening to your expectations and goals from the procedure, it is ultimately the patient who will choose the exact type and size of implants to be used. What will actually happen during the pre-operative consultation is that the plastic surgeon will perform measurements on the breasts and your anatomy, ask about your aesthetic desires, and then recommend a minimum and a maximum volume for the size of the implants, also a shape of the implants, profile, and surface texture. The plastic surgeon will explain the differences between different types of implants, but he will not make the decision for you.

Keep in mind that if you decide not to follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon and choose a size that is much bigger than what he recommended, you might be subjecting yourself to complications that could be avoided. Moreover, if you ask for a larger size of implant that is not suitable for you and you don’t have enough mammary tissue to cover the implants, they might be visible or palpable through the skin. A responsible plastic surgeon might also decide not to perform your procedure if your demands don’t lead to a good result.


Step 3: Take time to prepare

A plastic surgery procedure requires a period of preparation that is often a month before the surgery date. The month before the procedure, you should stop the birth control medication. Two weeks before the procedure, you should not take anti-inflammatory medication or natural supplements that have blood thinning properties to avoid excessive bleeding.

Aside from the physical preparation, make sure you take time to rest before the procedure and prepare your home for the recovery period. The suggestion is to have enough food, drinks, and entertainment around the house to last you for a few days after returning from the medical facility as chances are you won’t be feeling like cooking or shopping for a day or two after the bsurgery.

Make sure there is someone available to drive you to and from the hospital on the day of the procedure as you won’t be able to drive under the influence of pain medication and the after effects of the general anesthesia.


Step 4: Have someone around the house to assist you for a day or two after the procedure

The recovery period after breast augmentation procedure is not overly demanding on the patient. However, the first few days can be associated with a more intense level of pain and discomfort. Actually, it is a feeling of tension felt on the chest as the tissues of the body are stretched to accommodate the breast implants. This won’t last for more than a few days, and the pain is easily alleviated with pain medication that will be prescribed by the plastic surgeon. However, chances are you might need someone to help you around the house, especially if you have small children or other responsibilities that you can’t put on pause.

Moreover, the first few days post-op are the period when complications such as infections can occur, and it is preferable to have someone with you if you start not to feel well. Make sure you have the contact details of the plastic surgeon close by if you start noticing any side effects that were not discussed during the pre-operative consultation.


Step 5: Follow the post-operative instructions of the plastic surgeon

After the procedure, you will go home for the recovery period. This is when most of the plastic surgeon’s job ends and the patient’s responsibility begins. The post-operative instructions that you will receive from your plastic surgeon are important not only to achieve good results but also to minimize the risk of developing a complication.

Among the most important things you have to do after the procedure is to avoid smoking for a minimum of three weeks or until the incisions are healed. Unsightly scars can be a result of smoking after the procedure, and this is certainly something we want to avoid.

Any type of pressure applied on the breasts is strictly forbidden. This means that if you have the habit of sleeping on your tummy, you will need to change it for at least a month.

Taking the antibiotics prescribed by the plastic surgeon is another thing you should do as they prevent infections that could delay the healing process.

A special post-op bra or high-quality sports bra should be worn non-stop for at least a month after the procedure as the new, enhanced breasts need support and the compression will reduce the swelling.


Step 6: Be patient

This last step might sound funny or completely unnecessary; however, it is important for patients undergoing the procedure to understand from the beginning that getting bigger breasts is a process and not an occurrence. It can take up to one year to get the breasts of your dreams, even if the breast augmentation procedure lasts no longer than an hour and a half in a vast majority of cases. Hence being patient is an important step and recommendation that all patients should follow to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.

The first results are visible immediately after the procedure. The breasts will be bigger, but also swollen, with bruises, and high on the chest wall. So, this is not a good time to tell if your procedure was a success or not. Wait a year before evaluating the final results and be patient and trust your plastic surgeon.



The breast augmentation procedure is frequently performed nowadays as women from around the world dream of getting bigger, rounder, perkier breasts that will complement their overall anatomy. The procedure doesn’t take longer than one and a half hours. However, it can take up to a few months and even a year for the final results to be evaluated properly. In this article, we have discussed six steps to getting spectacular breasts with the help of breast augmentation.

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