9 things you didn’t know about your breasts

9 things you didn’t know about your breasts

30th Aug 2016

Breasts have been a seduction tool since the beginning, which women have generally used wisely. Still, we are sure there are plenty of things you never knew about them.
Here are top things you didn’t know about your breasts:


1.The nipples are an important element to a couple’s relationship

Most women find it pleasurable for their partner to stimulate their nipples during coitus. As shown in a study performed in 2012, this method of sexual excitation can lead to a certain level of intimacy. So if you thought that breast stimulation is just for the benefit of the woman, now it’s safe to say that the man benefits from it also!


2.The breasts’ shape can change during sleep

If you are sleeping face down on your tummy for a longer period of time, the shape of your breasts can suffer visible modifications over the years. If you think about it, it is only natural for this to happen due to the pressure that is exhibited to your breasts all through the night, especially if it goes on for years.


3.The nipples become darker during pregnancy

No, it is not just your imagination. Most women’s nipples become darker during pregnancy due to the hormone changes. After childbirth, the nipples will slowly return to their original color.


4.Some women can have an orgasm only by stimulation of the breasts

According to the sexologists Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot, 1% of women can reach orgasm just from the simple stimulation of the breasts. The two specialists have discussed their theory in the book called “I love female orgasm: an extraordinary orgasm guide” and they claim that they personally have met quite a few cases of women who confirmed their theory.


5.The fantasies about breasts are considered a psychiatric condition

Even if it sounds weird and farfetched, there is an institution that considers men who have fantasies about women’s breasts as a mental illness. According to this institution, these men should get specific medication to treat the condition. The American Psychiatric Association also mentioned in a press release that one of the conditions that have affected the modern man is the obsession with the breasts. Moreover, the level of “infatuation” has increased gradually in the last decade and is considered as one of the main factors that lead to rapes and sexual aggression. Consequently, the association recommends if men feel obsessed with breasts to acknowledge they have a problem and to try to fight it.


6.Statistically speaking, the left breast is bigger

A study published by the Annals of Plastic Surgery monitored the stages of development of 600 women for more than fifteen years. These participants were observed throughout their teenage up to their maturity years. In 90% of the cases, the left breast of women who participated in the study developed more than their right breasts. As a result, we can assume that most of the time the left breast is bigger than the right one.
This is good to know so that you are aware that there is no perfect symmetry when it comes to the size of the breasts. Sometimes though, there are women who have noticeably big differences between their two breasts. When the difference is by one bra cup size or more, it is highly recommended to seek professional help. An experienced plastic surgeon can help you correct the breast asymmetry using various procedures. Having said that, plastic surgery can correct the asymmetry, but it still can’t make your breasts identical. They will just look more similar and invisible to the naked eye.


7.Men can lactate

The good news is that this happens quite rarely! However, there have been cases of men who experience spontaneous lactation. Just like in the case of woman, the male body is equipped with mammary glands. When there is plenty of estrogen in the body (sometimes necessary for treatments related to cancer), men can suffer from spontaneous lactation. Consequently, medication for cancer or other illnesses can have side effects like lactation.
Mothers might think that this is a good thing, so they can ask their husband to breastfeed the baby next time. It is actually very rare and certainly not all men are affected.


8.The projection of your breast can influence the type of body shape you have

The famous and most coveted hourglass silhouette can’t be achieved if you don’t have wonderfully shaped breasts. The perfect proportions for women are considered to be 90-60-90. This means 90 cm across the breasts, 60 cm for the waist and 90 cm over the hips. The perfect body shape or hourglass can only be achieved with curves and voluptuous breasts. So if you are looking to get the hourglass shape yourself, it’s about time you call a plastic surgeon to help you with these goals.


9.Breasts start sagging with age

Some women can have sagging breasts even during their teenage years, whereas for most people, this happens as you get much older. Gravity and the natural aging process have a negative impact on the body, especially to your breasts. Next time you hear the saying “time is not your friend,” you’ll realize how true it is especially when it comes to them.



You have had your breasts your whole life, and even though it has changed over time, you still thought you knew everything there is to know about them. But after reading all that, perhaps you have learned a few new things about your breasts. This is why breasts can always be a hot topic for discussion!


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