A closer look at buttock augmentation with silicone implants

A closer look at buttock augmentation with silicone implants

03rd Jul 2017

Celebrities have fueled the trend for the big butt and suddenly many ordinary women want bigger and rounder butts. In ancient times, large and shapely buttocks were considered as benchmarks of fertility, womanhood, aesthetic beauty, and good health. Some men are strongly drawn towards women who have bigger and shapely butts because they appear voluptuous and attractive. However, not many women are lucky enough to be born with bigger and rounded butts, so many of them resort to plastic surgery to achieve their aesthetic goals. The demand for buttock augmentation with silicone implants has thus witnessed a huge rise in demand.

Buttock augmentation with silicone implants is an ideal procedure for women who have flatter, smaller, asymmetrical, or poorly shaped buttocks. This surgery involves the insertion and placement of a highly durable, semi-solid, flexible silicone implant inside the butt. The implant’s composition is ideal, and it is flexible enough to appear and feel natural. The good news is that unlike the breast implants, the silicone butt implants do not leak or rupture.

The silicone buttock implants come in different sizes and shapes. It is important to pick the size that best fits your anatomy, butt composition and dimensions, and overall body shape. Some women insist on having the biggest implant possible and ultimately, they end up being dissatisfied with the end results. Your plastic surgeon will recommend a butt implant size that best fits you.

The buttock augmentation via silicone implants is performed on an outpatient basis and under general anesthesia. The patient will remain asleep throughout the procedure and will be able to go home a few hours following the surgery. The first step of the intervention involves the placement of incisions on each butt. Incision techniques vary depending on the surgeon’s preference. Some may place incisions toward the base in the gluteal fold, or between the cheeks of your butts, or in the fold between the butts on the top.

The second step, involves the placement of the implant in the implant pocket. The implant can either be placed within the gluteal muscle, above the gluteal muscle, or under the gluteal muscle. Your surgeon will determine the type of implant placement best for you. In the last step, the incisions will be sutured and dressed, and your health will be monitored in the recovery area for a few hours. After that, you can be allowed to go home, depending on your health status.

While some of the results of the procedure will be immediately visible after surgery, complete outcomes will be seen after the surgical site has fully healed and the swelling has subsided, which may take a few weeks or even months.

To ensure proper healing and optimal results, be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter. It is highly important that during the first five weeks after the surgery, you should not engage in strenuous activities like sports, jumping, workouts, running, weight lifting, etc.


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