A complete guide to breast lift surgery

A complete guide to breast lift surgery

06th Apr 2019



The aesthetic appeal of the female breasts does not come from size alone. Bigger but saggy breasts look aesthetically unwelcoming. The breasts’ firmness, perkiness, and youthfulness are as important as the size of the breasts. Given the importance of the breasts in a woman’s physical beauty, saggy breasts create emotional and self-confidence issues for many women.

Different factors lead to breast sagging. Chief among those include pregnancy and breastfeeding, considerable weight changes, poor lifestyle, poor skin quality, the use of certain medications, aging, and gravity.

If your breasts have become saggy, reasonably naturally, you might desire to restore your firmer and youthful breasts like other women. The breasts not only signify your femininity and physical appearance, but they also indicate your splendor as a woman. When the breasts are in perfect shape, your self-esteem will get a boost, and you will be at peace with your physical appearance. The breast lift has an excellent record of restoring the firmness and perkiness of severely saggy breasts.


The breast lift surgery

The breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that effectively treats saggy breasts, making them firmer, youthful, and aesthetically welcoming. As a result of the improvements in your breasts, your overall body outline will improve, and you will look more feminine and sexier. After the surgery, you will be able to wear your favorite clothes and bras and engage in physically healthy activities with increased confidence.

The surgery involves removal of the excess skin and fat from the breasts, besides tightening the weak and separated breast muscles. In some cases, it may also involve repositioning of the nipples and areolas so that they can look youthful.  During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will also carefully reshape and sculpt the breasts.


Reasons why you should consider a breast lift

Many women are curious as to what are the indications that they need a breast lift and what can the surgery do for them. Well, the breast lift can effectively make your breasts firmer and perky. When you are pregnant, your body experiences hormonal changes that lead to physical changes in the body. The breasts become saggy, and the sagginess may become worse during breastfeeding. In most cases, it takes multiple pregnancies to make the breasts severely saggy. The breast lift can reverse those unwelcoming changes introduced to your breasts by pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Secondly, you may consider the breast lift if your breasts have become saggy after significant weight loss. When you lose considerable weight, it means the fat in your breasts will melt away, which can reduce the size of your breasts and trigger sagging. The breast lift can make your breasts firmer, balanced, youthful, and sexy by removing the excess skin and fat.

Also, if your breasts have become poorly shaped and saggy due to aging, gravity, or other factors, you may consider getting a breast lift. The procedure will restore the youthful profile of your breasts, which will in turn improve your self-esteem.


Specific signs that you need a breast lift

Even though a board-certified plastic surgeon can tell you after examining your breasts as to whether you need a breast lift, there are specific signs that indicate a breast lift might be the right solution for your breast flaws. If your nipples are pointing downward and the skin in the lower areas of the breasts stretches, it is a sign you need a breast lift. The breast lift will change the position of the breast tissues so that the nipples can point forward and look perky and youthful.

Also, if your nipple/areolar complex is situated lower than the fold under your breast, it is yet another indication you need a breast lift. The plastic surgeon will look at your breasts by assessing the position of the nipples and areolas against the inframammary crease or the fold under the breast. You can also check whether you need a breast lift by placing a sheet of paper under your breast and check whether it sits opposite to the breast fold. If you see in the mirror that your nipples are positioned under the upper end of the paper, it is a sign you need a breast lift.


Types of breast lift

There are different types of breast lift surgeries, and plastic surgeons use various techniques to perform the procedure. Which kind of breast lift is useful for you depends on the extent of breast sagging, the volume of existing tissue in your breasts, and your aesthetic goals. The plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and take specific measurements to recommend you a breast lift type that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. The different types of breast lift procedures are explained below:


– Crescent lift

The crescent breast lift is suitable for you if your breasts are mildly saggy. With this technique, you will get minimum scars on your breasts. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will make a tiny incision partially around the upper half portion of the areola. Typically, the crescent lift is used when the patient is undergoing the combo of breast augmentation and breast lift. This technique is rarely used in breast lift procedures alone.


– Donut lift

The donut breast lift is recommended for patients who have mildly saggy breasts. It involves only one scar. Also known as the peri-areolar lift, this technique consists of an incision that runs circularly around the areola’s end. It is also used when you are undergoing breast augmentation and breast lift at the same time. When using this technique, the surgeon can also decrease the size of the areola if it has expanded. The scar is hidden in the areola.


– Lollipop lift

The lollipop lift is also known as the vertical scar technique. It is useful for those patients who have a moderate level of sagginess in the breasts. When this technique is used, the surgeon will have greater control over reshaping the breasts during the operation. The lollipop lift is one of the most commonly used breast lift types. With this technique, the plastic surgeon can easily excise the surplus skin from the breasts, in addition to removing the excess fat. The lollipop lift involves two incisions. One incision is placed around the end of the areola, whereas the other starts at the base of the areola and runs to the inframammary crease.


– Inverted T lift

Also known as the anchor lift, the inverted T breast lift is recommended for severely saggy breasts. If the sagginess in your breasts is extensive and the breasts are drooping, the plastic surgeon may tell you to get the inverted T breast lift. When this technique is used, the plastic surgeon can easily remove the excess skin, tissues, and fat from the breasts. The results are effective, and your breasts will appear firmer, youthful, and perky after the surgery.  

On the downside, the inverted T lift involves three incisions. One incision is placed around the areola’s edge. The second is set vertically at the base of the areola, and the third one is made along the breast crease.  This technique is suitable for patients who are getting a breast lift along with a breast reduction. The scars are more visible as compared to the other methods.


Combo of breast lift and augmentation

The breast lift can also be performed in combination with the breast augmentation procedure. If your breasts are saggy and small and you desire to get bigger and firmer breasts, then the combined procedure might be the right thing for you. The procedure will involve placing implants inside your breasts, besides removing the excess skin and fat from them.

As a result, your breasts will not only become firmer and youthful but also bigger and shapelier. However, smaller implants should be used as large implants can make the breasts saggy again. If your breast sagging is severe, you should avoid getting implants.


Candidacy for the breast lift

You will be required to meet specific criteria and conditions to qualify for the breast lift. You must be to the best of your health and have realistic and reasonable expectations and goals. If you are a smoker, you must be ready to stop smoking two weeks before the surgery and avoid smoking during the recovery. The plastic surgeon will determine your candidacy by examining your breasts, assessing your medical history, and knowing your motivation and goals.



The breast lift is an effective treatment for saggy breasts. The procedure restores the firmness and youthfulness of the breasts by removing the excess skin and fat from the breasts. However, the surgery is highly invasive and risky. You should consider the procedure only when the benefits are higher than the risks. Also, be sure to choose a highly experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.  

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