A popular approach to breast lift

A popular approach to breast lift

12th May 2019



The breast lift is also known as mastopexy. The procedure enhances the breasts by raising them and making them firmer and youthful. It involves removing the excess skin and fat from the breasts, besides repairing and tightening the breast muscles. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the demand for breast lift has grown by about seventy percent since the year 2000.

The plastic surgeon will determine the best breast lift approach for you after examining and assessing your breasts, aesthetic goals, and health. Since the breast lift was first performed, the procedure has undergone many changes. One of the most modern and accessible approaches to lift the breasts is called the Wonder breast lift surgery. Developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Wilberto Cortes, the procedure can effectively treat the sagginess in your breasts.


Breast sagging and your femininity

The breasts are among the most critical aesthetic areas of the female body. They define your femininity, fertility, and overall physical beauty. Women desire to have firmer and youthful breasts. However, specific life events cause the breasts to sag and become aesthetically unwelcoming. These factors include pregnancy, breastfeeding, genetics, weight changes, gravity, etc.

When the breasts become saggy, they make you look aged. It affects your femininity and overall body outline. As a result, the patient may experience self-esteem issues and desire to get back her youthful, perky, and sexy breasts. Fortunately, the breast lift can restore your beautiful, firmer, and youthful breasts. The breast lift can revitalize your body shape with a breast silhouette that is more girlish and raised.


Steps of the breast lift

The breast lift can be implemented by using different incision techniques and arrangements. The approaches best for you depends on your breast size and shape, the size and place of the areolas, the extent of sagginess in your breasts, and your skin tone and plasticity. The general steps and techniques of the breast lift include:


Anesthesia administration

The breast lift is a highly invasive and traumatic procedure. It is vital to use anesthesia before the operation is initiated. The medications will keep you comfortable during the surgery. The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation with local anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will assess your health and then recommend you the best anesthesia option.


Making the incision

The breast lift incision techniques play a critical role in shaping the final results. The standard incision techniques include:

–    Around the areola incision

–   Around the areola incision that runs down from the breast fold in a vertical manner and the goes along the breast fold horizontally

–    The incision made around the areola that goes down vertically from the areola to the breast fold


Contouring the breasts

After placing the incisions, the plastic surgeon will raise the underlying tissue and contour it to enhance your breast’s firmness and shape. The doctor will contour the areola and nipple and raise them to a higher position where they look youthful and natural and point forward. Depending on your needs, the doctor will decrease the size of a widened areola are decreased by removing the skin at the border. The excess skin that is affecting your breast elasticity will be removed.


Suturing and closing the incisions

After the breasts are contoured and made firmer, the plastic surgeon will re-drape and tighten the remaining skin and then suture and close the incisions. Some of the incision lines will be hidden in the breast’s natural fold and shape. But the other incisions will be noticeable on the surface of the breasts. The incisions lines will develop into scars, and the scars will remain with you permanently. Typically, the scars fade and become less visible.

Most women want the scars to be as small as possible. But the length of the incisions and the resulting scars depend on the aesthetic flaws in your breasts, your anatomy, and your aesthetic goals. It is important for the patient to follow the surgeon’s instructions carefully. The plastic surgeon will layer the sutures profoundly in the breast tissue so that the newly contoured breasts can get enough support. The doctor will use sutures and surgical tape or adhesives to close the incisions.



You will be able to see some of the results right after the procedure. Since your breasts will be swollen, the final results will emerge slowly. When the swelling disappears and the incisions heal, the breasts will appear firmer, youthful, and sexy. It will enhance your overall body outline as well. While the results of the surgery are useful, some factors can affect the sustainability of the results. Weight changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity may make your breasts saggy again over time.


Wonder breast lift

One of the main limitations of the standard breast lift is that the procedure only makes the breasts firmer. It does not reshape the breasts and the results are not sustainable. Fortunately, Dr. Wilberto Cortes has developed an advanced version of the breast lift, called the Wonder breast lift. The procedure overcomes the limitations of the standard breast lift surgery. The procedure not only makes the breasts firmer and youthful but also enhances their shape. The results are also long-lasting.

The Wonder breast lift is a popular approach to lifting the breasts. It makes the breasts look aesthetically welcoming. When the standard breast lift is used, your breasts may become saggy again with the passage of time. The Wonder breast lift is better than the standard breast lift because it involves complete rearrangement of your breast’s structure and composition. It offers an all-encompassing solution to most of the aesthetic flaws in your breasts.

When performing the surgery, Dr. Wilberto Cortes will reconstruct and rearrange your breast tissues, muscles, and ligaments. He will also strengthen your pectoral muscles. As a result, your breasts will get more support and the results will be excellent and sustainable. Given that the inverted T incision does not deliver better outcomes, the surgeon will place horizontal or vertical incisions instead. The scars will go to the border of the breasts instead of the middle section.

The incision techniques used for the Wonder breast lift will make it certain that the resulting scars are not very noticeable. During the operation, the surgeon will first place markers on your skin, so that your nipples and areolas can be precisely reshaped. Furthermore, the incision techniques will make sure that your breasts get blood supply quickly and sufficiently. As a result, your breasts will achieve upper pole fullness and look firmer.

In the next step, the doctor will tighten your pectoral muscles and use them to provide support to your breasts. The nipples and areolas will be reorganized and planted higher on the breasts so that they can point forward and look youthful and sexy. The ligaments and sutures will ensure that tissue spinning does not happen, which is a common problem with the standard breast lift. It will also ward off the chances of bottoming out.  

The extent of skin sagging in your breasts will be assessed, and then the surgeon will use some portion of the skin as a ligament to deliver strength and support to your breasts. The remaining skin is then excised and sutures are placed. Your chest wall muscles, pectoral muscles, and ligaments will be used to provide additional support to your breasts, besides using the skin. It is for this reason that the results will keep serving you sustainably.

In the days and weeks following the operation, the surgeon will examine your breasts and check whether there are any signs of complications. The doctor will take out the stitches during a follow-up visit within the first seven to ten days after the surgery.

After the surgery, your breasts will be swollen, which will keep the outcomes from being fully displayed. Your recovery will start right after the Wonder breast lift. Most of the recovery will take place during the first two weeks, but complete recovery will take six weeks. The results will become prominent after many weeks and even months.


The breast lift is one of the most popular and common plastic surgery procedures in the US. It can effectively treat saggy breasts, making them firmer and youthful again. However, there are certain shortcomings associated with the procedure. The Wonder breast lift is a more popular approach to lifting the breasts because it overcomes the limitations of the standard breast lift.

The Wonder breast lift reshapes the breasts entirely, in addition to making the breasts firmer and youthful. Also, the results of the Wonder breast lift are more sustainable because the procedure not only is your skin used to provide support to the breasts but also the pectoral muscles, chest wall muscles, and ligaments. If you want to know more about the Wonder breast lift, you may book a consultation with Dr. Wilberto Cortes.


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