Abdominoplasty and liposuction on a fitness fanatic

15th Apr 2019

She is into fitness, but this was not enough to help her get the tummy of her dreams. After an hourglass tummy tuck, she finally has the body that she loves!

Oneyra is a 36 year-old mother of three from Houston, Texas. A fitness enthusiast, Oneyra exercises more than five days a week. However, she still needed some help with her tummy, and this is the reason why she sought out Dr. Cortes’s help. She has chosen Dr. Cortes after researching his work on social media and mentions that she loves his work and really wanted to have the surgery with such a talented doctor. The procedure was performed and ten months after, she checked in with Dr. Cortes for a consultation.
She talks about how she wasn’t pleased with her body before the surgery and how she now absolutely adores her body. Love was just a step away from hate and this step was plastic surgery, namely the hourglass tummy tuck with Dr. Cortes. She mentioned how Dr. Cortes did a wonderful job and got her the results she desires, but just like other patients, after the surgery it is their job to sustain the results of the procedure.
Despite her love for fitness and her dedication to sports, Oneyra didn’t manage to get rid of the excess skin left on her tummy. As Dr. Cortes says “you can’t exercise the excess skin away.” It is only with the help of plastic surgery that the tummy will get back to a nice shape. In her case, Dr. Cortes managed to do a fabulous job and gave her the body she wanted and can now love without holding back. However, due to the fact that she also got a fat transfer to the hips, Dr. Cortes advised her to be careful when working out so the fat remains in the area where it was grafted.

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