Abnormal posture and the size of the breasts

Abnormal posture and the size of the breasts

25th Mar 2021

The overly large volume of the breasts and abnormal body posture are related in more ways than one. It often happens for breast hypertrophy to affect girls as young as 12 years old. Looking so mature because of big breasts at such an early age can lead to emotional complexes, and girls in a vast majority of cases will try to hide the overdevelopment of their breasts. This can lead to a body posture with the shoulders brought forward and an arched back. This abnormal body posture can become permanent over time and lead to back pain and even digestive conditions. 

At the same time, the arched position of the back can be caused by the pressure that the breasts put on the spine. When the woman is confronted daily with this pressure on the spine, it can become curved and lead to the same abnormal posture. 

The abnormal posture of the body is related to the overly size of the breasts, and to correct it would require a great deal of focus and concentration, not to mention exercises and probably physiotherapy as well. This is the reason why an experienced plastic surgeon will always recommend young patients to undergo breast reduction early in life if the breast hypertrophy is severe.

Breast reduction surgery is the only efficient method to reduce the size of the breasts and hence remove the pressure from the spine. After the surgery, most of the discomforts and pain caused by the excessive volume of the breasts disappear immediately or within days. When the breast hypertrophy is extreme and occurs early in life, the damage to the spine can be severe and in some cases permanent. It is essential to see the plastic surgeon as soon as possible after the complete development of the breasts to get an experienced opinion about the candidacy for breast reduction surgery.

Keep in mind that the abnormal body posture of the body caused by the excessive volume of the breasts would require special treatment after breast reduction surgery is performed. However, the fact that the patient will be relieved from the extreme burden on the chest will make a significant difference in how she feels and the posture of her body.

After the surgery, patients will notice that they can do things that were associated with a lot of pain or discomfort before, including sports and certain physical exercises. To sustain a normal posture of the body, we need a strong core. This means that the muscles of the back and the abdominal area need to be strengthened and in good condition. After breast reduction surgery, working out won’t be a problem anymore, so the patient can start a physical exercise routine that will help her get the strong muscles needed for a good body posture. 

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