Additional benefits of fat transfer to the buttocks

Additional benefits of fat transfer to the buttocks

21st Feb 2018

The fat transfer to the buttocks is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia and can last two to three hours, depending on the characteristics of each case. The incisions are small, around 3-4 mm and hidden in the natural folds of the skin to ensure they are barely noticeable after the procedure. When performed, it starts with the elimination of excess fat from donor areas (abdomen, flanks and even thighs). The fat is collected and purified to be later on re-injected with the help of special syringes into the buttocks.

After the procedure, the patient will have to wear compression garments that will reduce the swelling and remodel the body even more after surgery. The hospitalization for butt augmentation with fat transfer is no longer than 24 hours, and it depends on the volume of fat extracted, the type of anesthesia used, and the general health condition of the patient.

An important benefit of the fat transfer to the buttocks is that the post-operative pain is in most cases of low intensity and the swelling and bruising that commonly occur after surgery often subside within the first few weeks.

Compared to butt implant surgery, fat transfer to the buttocks has certain benefits such as:

– Reduced risk of developing severe complications

The risks associated with fat transfer to the buttocks are more associated with achieving unsatisfactory results: the buttocks are not as big as the patient expects, there is certain asymmetry present, or the fat was reabsorbed in a great percentage in the months following the procedure. However, the health risks associated with this procedure are minor and only occur in rare cases.

– Natural results

The results achieved after fat transfer to the buttocks look completely natural because the plastic surgeon only uses the patient’s own fat cells to add more volume. Moreover, after a few months, it would be impossible to say that the patient had surgery to get bigger buttocks.

– Faster recovery

Because the procedure entails just small incisions and no foreign objects inserted into the buttocks, the recovery time after fat transfer to the buttocks is shorter compared to butt implant surgery. The discomfort and pain can be less intense as well.

– Removal of fat from areas where there is an excess of adipose tissue

For patients confronted with localized deposits of fat resistant to diet and exercise, this is a real and important benefit. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will sculpt the areas with excess fat to collect the fat required for fat grafting. In many cases, the areas targeted are the abdomen and flanks.

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