Addressing the signs of aging with body contouring procedures

Addressing the signs of aging with body contouring procedures

25th Sep 2017

Plastic surgery interventions can dramatically change the physical appearance of a person, oftentimes, delivering spectacular results. This is one of the reasons why plastic surgery is also considered a work of art, putting aside the complexity of the interventions and the inherent risks that they entail.

Plastic surgery interventions can be divided into two main groups:

  • Plastic surgery interventions that are designed to correct and improve unsymmetrical parts or features of the body or to reduce, augment, remove, and add volume to particular body parts. It also refers to plastic surgery procedures that meant to repair, fix or correct certain issues and functions caused by accidents or other traumas.
  • Plastic surgery interventions that erases the effects of aging on the body and face.

Before undergoing any type of plastic surgery intervention on the body, the patient will undergo a battery of tests and examinations for the purpose of assessing psychological and medical condition to determine state of health and ability and capacity to make important decisions like elective surgery. This is an important part of the evaluation process and helps the plastic surgeon in gauging if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure or not.

Body contouring procedures are usually performed under general or local anesthesia. Hence they are not painful. However, a certain level of pain might be experienced by the patient during the recovery period. The level of pain is dependent on multiple factors such as the complexity of the intervention, the area treated, breadth and scope of the surgical procedure, and the body’s capacity to heal.

The success of body contouring procedures

It is necessary for the patient to openly communicate with the plastic surgeon and honestly discuss personal goals and expectations to increase the chances of a successful surgery. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will get the opportunity to evaluate the features of the patient, the tone and skin quality and determine which procedure would best help him achieve the desired aesthetic goals of the patient. The expected results of the surgery should be in perfect harmony with the patient’s anatomical form and structure and should not create visible discrepancies.

While statistics show that women make up the bulk of patients undergoing plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons, recent years have shown a dramatic increase in surgical and nonsurgical interventions among men. It has been observed that quite a number of men elect to have plastic surgery when they have partners who can sometimes be younger by 10 or even 20 years, if not more. It is not surprising then that this type of men are also interested in addressing the all too visible signs of aging with body contouring procedures.

The effects of the body contouring procedures vary, depending on the area that was treated, the age of the patient, the skin condition and the patient’s body ability to heal nicely. We have to mention here that the body contouring procedures do not have a temporary character. Full outcomes and beneficial effects become visible over a prescribed period as the healing process takes time. While the results may be long lasting, it must be clearly understood that the requisite lifestyle changes like healthy diet and regular exercise must be observed and followed otherwise it can be negated and the patient might need to undergo additional procedures down the line.

Truth be told, we can easily address the signs of aging with body contouring procedures in both men and women but do note that this will not stop the aging process. Delay it, certainly; stop completely, not possible.

Plastic surgery procedures such as face lift followed by body lift, tummy tuck and liposuction are the popular choices for patients who want to erase the palpable signs of aging.

Body lift procedures

A very popular plastic surgery procedure that is increasingly in demand nowadays is the lift, be it face, breasts or buttocks. The procedure involves, as the name suggests, lifting the sagging skin resulting from time and drastic weight fluctuations to create a firmer, youthful looking face and body.

Candidates for body lift will go through series of mandatory pre-operative lab tests to check for blood disorders, infections, ailments such as diabetes, heart irregularities and other cardiovascular diseases, as well as x-rays to assess condition of lungs. The success of a body lift procedure is ensured when the scars are less visible; the body has not lost any mobility or functionality, and the skin is not overly tight on the operated areas. The purpose of the body lift is to create more balanced, symmetrical and aesthetically appealing proportions by removing the loose and saggy skin in various parts of the body.

The recovery after a body contouring procedure

Recovery after this type of intervention can take up to three weeks, depending on the type of procedure performed and the skin condition of the patient. It can take up to 9 months or 1 year to see the final results of the intervention so patience is needed.

The risks associated with body contouring procedures are excessive bleeding, infections, the formation of hematoma and seroma and unsatisfactory results after the intervention.

It is understandable that cost is one of the factors in making the decision to undergo the body lift intervention. However, this should not influence the selection of a plastic surgeon or the technique used during the procedure. It bears pointing out that choosing a board certified and experienced surgeon is just as critical to ensuring the success of the procedure. Cheap comes with great risk.


It is human nature to sometimes compare and measure ourselves against the yardstick of popular standards of beauty celebrated in all forms of media. Oftentimes, this results in dissatisfaction and poor self-image.

The good news is that unlike before, there are now several options available, both surgical and nonsurgical, that allows us to change, improve or enhance our physical appearance. We are talking about changes that are impossible to achieve with classic methods like diet and exercise. Plastic surgery interventions are still the most effective way to address and erase the signs of aging from your face and body and deliver an overall tighter, shapelier and more youthful looking appearance.

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