Addressing the lack of cleavage with plastic surgery

Addressing the lack of cleavage with plastic surgery

17th Dec 2019


When we see models on the runaway, most of them don’t have impressive breasts; however, when it comes to lingerie shows, they all seem to have just the right amount of cleavage. Cleavage is sexy, and many women are addressing the lack of cleavage with plastic surgery nowadays. 

It is normal to desire a beautiful cleavage and for the breasts to look impressive when dressed; however, many times we can’t correct the appearance of the cleavage with plastic surgery, just the size, shape, and position on the chest wall of the breasts. What does this mean? Plastic surgery doesn’t bring the breasts closer together. I had patients coming to the pre-operative consultation for breast enhancement procedures saying they want their breasts to look like they’re wearing a push-up bra all the time even when they’re not wearing any bra at all. This is not necessarily possible. Some patients will get this result after surgery without even trying while for others it is not possible to achieve.

In the end, it all comes down to the anatomical characteristics of the patient. With the help of plastic surgery, we can enhance the appearance and correct imperfections, but we can’t completely redesign the breasts or their position on the thorax. We can address the breasts’ position on the chest wall and this is true, but more on the sagginess of the breasts. Technically what we can do is re-center the mammary gland that tends to become saggy and droop low on the chest wall with age or due to other factors. However, we can’t move the breasts on a completely new position on the chest wall.

A nice cleavage means breasts that are of the right size, shape and very close together. We can work to correct and improve the shape and the size, but the breasts can’t be brought closer together by plastic surgery, and trying to do such a thing can have terrible consequences such as the occurrence of the uniboob. 

When using implants to enhance the breasts, the volume that is added to the breasts can make the breasts look closer to each other. This also depends on the shape of the implants and their profile, but it is common for the breasts to give a better cleavage after getting implants. However, keep in mind that if your breasts are far away from each other on the chest wall, they won’t get any closer even after getting implants. The base of the breasts won’t be changed during the surgery, and this is something all patients need to understand. It might seem like a bit of a disappointment to find out that plastic surgery can’t do much to give you the most wanted cleavage, but it is essential to understand that plastic surgery aims to improve the appearance of the breasts and correct imperfections, and it is on these terms that we evaluate the results. The one responsible for giving a nice cleavage is the bra.


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