Advantages and Disadvantages of Fat Grafting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fat Grafting

24th Jul 2017

Fat grafting is a procedure in which fat is harvested from different areas of the body where it is abundant. Once the fat is harvested, it is then processed before it can be injected into a different area of the body that the patient wants to be more plump or bigger, like the buttocks or the breasts. Like all plastic surgery procedures, this also comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to weigh them before making a decision to go for it.

Let’s start with the advantages. One major advantage of making use of fat grafting is the absence of any adverse allergic reactions. Since the fat is going to come from your own body, you won’t reject it when it is injected back into a different part of your body. This is a great solution for those who would want to enhance their face, but is allergic to the commercially available fillers or collagen. Similarly, many people who would like to improve the shape and size of their buttocks/breasts choose this method because they do not want to risk having a bad reaction to the implants.

Another advantage is fat grafting only produces small incisions. When the fat is harvested and injected, you will only a see a small diameter hole as a result, which has a very low chance of developing into a big scar. The recovery is also easier because it is less invasive in comparison to the incision made when implants are used.

The fat grafting procedure also gives you a slimmer body because of the removal of fat in areas such as the mid section. Additionally, the fat transfer procedure can also be used on implants to enhance the size and to help make the implants less palpable.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages when it comes to fat grafting. One of which is the unpredictability or irregularities in the resulting size and shape of the breasts or buttocks. Not all of the fat cells will be able to survive the fat grafting procedure, and when they die, this can affect the symmetry of the breasts or the buttocks.

Also, because you use actual fat from your body, the complete or partial resorption of fat is likely to occur. When this happens, your buttocks or your breast will return back to the original size and shape. When you lose weight, you will also notice that the first parts of your body to shrink are the areas that you injected with fat.

Hence, to obtain the best results, you may need to go through multiple fat grafting sessions to fix the symmetry and size of your breast or buttocks. Unfortunately, saving up for one session of a fat grafting procedure can be costly, and having to go through multiple sessions can be a major disadvantage financially.

Before you consider the fat grafting procedure, there is one criterion that you should meet first, which is to have sufficient fat cells in your body. If you are naturally skinny, then there is a limited amount that can be re-injected to your butt or breast. For some, it is not even enough to go through the procedure and so surgeons would suggest another method to improve the breasts or buttocks.

Overall, these pros and cons are things you should consider first before going through with this procedure. It all depends on how far you are willing to go to achieve the look you want.

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