Advantages of breast reduction surgery

Advantages of breast reduction surgery

05th Apr 2019



The breasts are without doubt one of the most important features of a woman’s anatomy. This is one of the reasons why so many women want to undergo breast augmentation surgery each year in the United States and many other countries around the globe.


But are big breasts always desirable? Some women who are “blessed” with huge breasts are not considering them a real asset, but more likely a daily struggle. The reality is that when the breasts are too big for the woman’s anatomy, they could cause different health issues such as constant pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, irritations of the skin under the breasts in the inframammary fold, and even conditions more severe such as deformation of the spine.


Even if the procedure is not as popular as breast augmentation with implants, breast reduction is commonly performed in the United States and even supported by health insurances in some cases.


In this article, we will discuss how the procedure is performed and what are the advantages of breast reduction surgery.


Overview of breast reduction surgery


Breast reduction is performed on patients over the ages of 16 years old in a vast majority of cases and up to 60 years old. Candidates eligible to undergo the procedure should be in good emotional and health condition, should have no severe health conditions, and should have made the decision to undergo the procedure by themselves and not influenced by other people. Breast reduction is a procedure with long-term consequences and should only be performed and requested if the patient struggles on a daily basis due to the overly large size of her breasts.


When breast reduction is performed, the patient is first placed under general anesthesia so she will feel no pain or discomfort during the operation. The plastic surgeon will then proceed to make the incisions to allow him to eliminate the part of the mammary gland that is in excess and also the skin and fat tissue with it. The amount of mammary tissue to be left will determine the bra cup size that you will wear after the procedure. The reduction is performed according to the desires of the patient and to achieve the results discussed during the pre-operative consultation.


To get the best results possible, you should choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon that can make sure you have a smooth and fast recovery process and your breasts will look just like you want them when the final results are visible.


The recovery period is usually no longer than two weeks, and during this time the patient needs to follow a strict post-operative protocol that includes instructions such as not to smoke, not to sleep on the tummy, and to keep the operated area clean and dry at all times.


Most patients are happy with the results and notice a considerable improvement in the quality of their lives after the procedure. Here are some of the advantages of breast reduction as noticed by patients who had the procedure:


–    The breasts are not the only thing people notice about you

For women with overly large breasts, it is a common occurrence to enter a room and have their breasts acknowledged before the people in the room ever look at her face. It can also happen for women with big breasts to talk to people only to notice how their eyes are on her cleavage. This is not particularly desirable, especially for women in the professional field. Moreover, there are patients complaining about going to funerals or meetings at work and feeling like they don’t belong in a certain environment just because of the size of their boobs that draw all the attention.


After getting breast reduction surgery, this will no longer be a problem. You will be noticed as a person and your breasts, while still attractive, will be just a part of your anatomy and not the main highlight.


–    Breast ptosis can be avoided for longer

Overly large breasts have the tendency to start sagging and lose their contours very early in the patient’s life. Getting breast reduction can ensure you have beautiful, perky breasts for longer. Of course, breast ptosis will occur at some point, but it is often much later than compared with patients with overly large breasts that could be confronted with breast ptosis even from their teen years.


– Finding clothing and bras without struggle

Nowadays there are bras and clothes in all possible sizes, but when you have huge breasts, it can still be a struggle to find suitable clothing and bras. Moreover, the bras that are designed for large bra cups are not overly aesthetic but look more like supportive bags. After breast reduction surgery, the patient will find it easier to find nice and sexy lingerie that was not available in large sizes. Even clothes will look different, and the patient will be able to buy blouses that are the same size as clothes for the lower part of the body.


–    Engaging in sports and other physical activities

It is not uncommon for women with overly large breasts to sometimes be a little overweight. This happens because these women have difficulties exercising and keeping fit because of the size of their breasts. Running when having huge breasts is never fun as the breasts will keep bouncing even if you wear a good supportive bra. Many sports and physical activities are definitely a no for women with overly large breasts because of the discomfort and even the pain that can occur when exercising. Moreover, you also need to understand that the volume of the breasts is actually a weight on the chest. So if you don’t have any idea how women with overly large breasts feel, try filling a bag or two with a significant amount of water, put them on your chest, tied around the neck and then go a run. Is it more than uncomfortable and even breathing can be difficult while exercising.


After breast reduction surgery, keeping fit and engaging in sports or other physical activities won’t be a problem. Keep in mind that resuming sports should be done sooner than two months post-op and the patient should always wear a supportive and compressive bra while exercising.


–    Even wearing a seatbelt is easier

Women with small breasts don’t always understand how it can be for a woman with overly large breasts to wear a seatbelt in the car. It can be very difficult to find a good position, not to mention that it is always uncomfortable when wearing it. This will no longer be an issue after breast reduction surgery when the breasts will be proportionate to the rest of your body.



Breast reduction surgery is a procedure frequently performed nowadays on women with breasts that are too big compared to the rest of the features of their body. The role of the procedure is to harmonize the volume of the breasts with the silhouette of the patient and to restore functionality.


After the procedure, many patients talk about the benefits that they have noticed. In this article, we have discussed a few of the advantages of breast reduction surgery, such as being able to engage in sports and physical activities, and being able to find suitable and nice clothing and lingerie, among other things.


To make sure you make the most out of your breast reduction surgery, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon that will advise you on the course of action to be taken to achieve your goals. Also, it is important to understand that the procedure also has long-term consequences and should only be performed on patients willing to accept the risks and potential complications that are associated with it.


For a vast majority of patients, the advantages of the procedure outweigh the downsides, and many women with overly large breasts choose to undergo the procedure despite the potential risks.


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