Advantages of fat grafting to the buttocks

Advantages of fat grafting to the buttocks

30th Aug 2019


There are plenty of celebrities nowadays that have impressive buttocks and swear they have not undergone butt implant surgery. Given the fact that fat grafting to the buttocks is a very popular procedure nowadays, we can believe them. Fat grafting is a butt augmentation method that can give a lifting effect to the buttocks and also increase its volume and remodel the shape all by using the patient’s own fat cells that are harvested from areas of the body where there is an excess of adipose tissue. 

The procedure has become so popular and in demand over the last few years, as it delivers amazing, natural results with minimum complications and risks associated. Moreover, there are numerous advantages.

Probably the biggest advantage is the complete reshaping of the patient’s body. Liposuction is used in the first stage of the procedure to collect the fat that is needed for the transfer. This means that the plastic surgeon addresses areas of the body with stubborn, unwanted adipose tissue. These areas are often the flanks and tummy. By using liposuction on the midline, the plastic surgeon will contour the waist and make it slimmer and more alluring. Curves are created between the hips and waist by removing the excess fat from the flanks, and the patient can get a beautiful hourglass figure if the hips are wide enough compared to the waist.

When fat is grafted into the buttocks, the whole appearance of the patient’s back changes as the rear end is redefined. In other words, the main advantage of the procedure is that it reshapes the whole body and can even help the patient achieve a beautiful hourglass figure, aside from a more shapelier and bigger butt.

Another advantage that is important for most patients is the lack of severe complications associated with the procedure. More and more patients want to undergo plastic surgery and enhance their body, but they don’t want to be confronted with the risks associated with any surgery. In the case of fat grafting, the risks are minimal as the incisions are very small. The risk of infection is reduced, and the patient can experience a certain level of discomfort and pain during the initial stage of the recovery process, but their intensity is much lower when compared to plastic surgery procedures that entail larger incisions or the sectioning of the muscles. 

Another important advantage of fat grafting is the lack of significant scarring after the procedure. In other words, the patient will be left with just a few small incisions that will develop into scars over the course of the first year post-op.


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