Aesthetic surgery to rejuvenate the body

Aesthetic surgery to rejuvenate the body

05th Sep 2019

Aesthetic surgery to rejuvenate the body



The chase for eternal youth is a presence in modern day society. We all try to look younger for as long as possible, and there are many and different reasons behind this desire. For some, it is something as simple as wanting to hang on to the good old days by persevering their aesthetic appearance. Others might start families late in life and hence would want to look their best and as young as possible. Others want to be successful in the professional field, and it is a well-known fact that we associate productivity and vitality with young age.

Whatever the reasons behind the desire to rejuvenate the body, the reality is that both men and women resort to plastic surgery with this aim in mind. In this article, we will discuss aesthetic surgery to rejuvenate the body. 

There are multiple procedures performed with the aim of erasing the signs of aging and rejuvenating the appearance of the body. Because the passing of time affects people in different ways, different patients will benefit from one procedure or the other, or even a combination of procedures. 


  1.   Tummy tuck

The appearance of the abdominal area is among the first to be compromised with the passing of time, especially if the patient was also confronted with massive weight fluctuations or had multiple pregnancies. The appearance of the tummy can be easily altered by many different factors, including lack of proper exercise. However, even people who are fit and in a good physical condition can notice that with the years passing there is saggy skin now present on the inferior part of the tummy. This excess of skin can occur as the skin elasticity decreases with time. 

To correct the imperfections of the abdomen such as muscle diastasis caused by pregnancies, or loose skin on the tummy or umbilical hernia, the patient can resort to undergoing a tummy tuck. Also known under the medical term of abdominoplasty, the procedure entails the strengthening of loose abdominal muscles while also removing the excess skin. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon performs an incision on the suprapubic area. Depending on the amount of skin to be excised, the incision can be longer or shorter. When a complete tummy tuck is performed, the incision can even go from one hip bone to the other. 

After the procedure, the patient will go through two weeks recovery period after which work and most daily activities can be resumed. The final results are visible six to nine months after the procedure and they can be easily sustained for a long period of time if the patient will avoid weight fluctuations and an ulterior pregnancy. After the tummy tuck, a satisfactory result is considered a firm and toned abdomen. 


  1.   Breast lift

The signs left by aging on the breasts are sagginess and an empty upper pole. Many women are confronted with breast ptosis sooner or later in life; however, when it happens sooner, it can create a real emotional complex for the woman confronted with this issue. 

The breast lift is one of the most commonly performed procedures on the breasts. Many patients who schedule their pre-operative consultation with breast augmentation in mind end up having either a breast lift with implants or just a breast lift. The breast lift aims to elevate the breasts to a normal position on the chest wall and give the breasts a nice and fuller shape. 

The plastic surgeon will make one or multiple incisions on the breasts. The surgical plan is developed together with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation and depends on the level of breast ptosis. The more severe the breast ptosis is, the more incisions are required. Keep in mind that a minor breast sagginess can be corrected with the help of a periareolar incision. 

The breast lift is performed often in under an hour and a half and the downtime after the procedure is about two weeks. The recovery period is often smooth and fast for most patients who can return to work after two weeks. Make sure to avoid weight fluctuations and wear a sports bra each time you exercise to keep the aesthetic results for as long as possible. 


  1.   Buttock lift

The buttock lift is a method to rejuvenate the rear end of the patient when skin laxity is present that is creating an unsightly appearance of the booty. When there is skin sagging on the rear end, the only procedure that can correct it is the butt lift. The traditional butt lift is very different from the Brazilian butt lift. The Brazilian butt lift entails liposuction and a fat transfer with the aim of giving the buttocks the lifting effect. When the traditional butt lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will perform an excision of the skin that is in excess on the butt to improve the appearance of the rear end. 

The butt lift recovery period entails a period of about two weeks during which the patient needs to avoid sleeping on the back or sitting directly on the butt in order to avoid excessive pressure put on the buttocks. The results of the butt lift will be permanent and sustained if no considerable weight fluctuations occur.


  1.   Liposuction 

The most commonly performed procedure in the United States and in many countries all over the world, liposuction can help rejuvenate the body by eliminating unwanted fat deposits from areas where they are in excess. Liposuction is not a weight loss method as some might consider nor is it a treatment for cellulite or stretch marks. What liposuction does is to deal with the subcutaneous fat from different areas of the body. 

When the procedure is performed, the plastic surgeon will mark the areas of the body to be addressed during the procedure. Keep in mind that we can’t target the whole body with the procedure at once. It is safe to remove a maximum of six to seven liters of fat; more than this could be a danger for the patient. Of course, the amount of fat that can be safely extracted will be discussed with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation, and it is dependent on the anatomy of the patient and factors such as height and weight. 

Liposuction is safe when performed by a talented and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and when the patient has a strong recommendation for the procedure and no serious contraindications. 

The areas marked to be treated with liposuction will have a cannula inserted into them through tiny incisions made in multiple locations. The plastic surgeon will perform a back and forth movement meant to dislodge and liquefy fat so it can be suctioned through the cannula inside the vacuum device connected to it. The fat collected in this manner can be purified and used later on for fat transfer. When liposuction is combined with fat transfer, the procedure is called lipofilling, and it is another efficient method to be used when we want to rejuvenate the body. By a redistribution of fat, we can create a beautiful contour and curves in all the right places. A better-contoured body is a sign of youth and vitality, so this is a reason why many patients resort to liposuction.

An important rule to remember is that liposuction can deliver good results only when performed on suitable candidates. The most important condition to be met in order to be eligible for liposuction is to have a good skin tonus. This means that you have a good skin elasticity and the skin will be able to retract on the new contours of the body after the procedure. In this manner, we avoid achieving unsatisfactory results such as areas with skin sagginess.



There are multiple and different plastic surgery procedures performed nowadays with the aim of rejuvenating the body. The recommendation for one procedure or the other will be given by the plastic surgeon and only after undergoing a thorough medical examination during the pre-operative consultation. 

Liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, and the butt lift are the procedures that we discussed in this article. These procedures can be performed as stand-alone procedures or in combination to achieve a more youthful appearance of the body. 


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