Aesthetics of the buttocks

Aesthetics of the buttocks

18th Jul 2018

The buttocks are the most sexualized areas of the female body after the breasts. It also holds an important place in defining the physical beauty of women. The aesthetic features and qualities of the ideal female booty differ from culture to culture. However, over the last few years, we have noticed a rise in bigger, shapelier booties. In fact, having voluptuous and fuller buttocks is a trend of the time right now, thanks to popular culture, celebrities, and the media.

There have been several attempts to find out the ideal female buttock. It turns out that most people agree that bigger shapelier, fuller, and voluptuous behinds are the dominant signs of fertility and femininity in women. There is no doubt that men consider females with bigger and shapelier buttocks attractive and sexier. Studies have also indicated that women with bigger buttocks are more successful in life, produce healthy and intelligent babies, and are able to attract better mates.

Why you should know the aesthetics and anatomy of your buttocks

It is important nowadays for women to understand the anatomy and aesthetic elements of their buttocks for several reasons. First, it would let you know whether your physical beauty meets the standards of the time. Second, it would help you overcome any self-esteem issues you might be experiencing as a result of being ignorant about the aesthetics and anatomy of the female body.

Moreover, knowing your butt aesthetics would help you decide whether you need to make any changes in your features. When you are aware of what is ideal, beautiful, and trendy, you can easily spot the areas in your buttocks that need improvements. It will also help you establish criteria and determine the surgical interventions that need to be used for fixing the specific aesthetic defects in your butt. You will be able to pay attention to detail and know the difference between butt projection, volume, shape, size, and balance.

Structure of the buttocks

The buttock is made of bone, muscles, fat, and skin. The structure of each of these elements determines the final aesthetic appearance of the buttocks. For example, the pelvis is an element of your skeletal system that shapes the hips and lays the foundation for your booties. While you may use plastic surgery to change other elements in your buttocks, you cannot change the skeletal makeup, i.e. the pelvis.

Women normally have wider hips because of a wider pelvis. This makes them appear sexier, fertile, and feminine. It allows for childbirth and lets the bones and femur to stand apart. If your hips are narrow, it means the pelvis is not wide enough. Though the bone cannot be changed, you can use plastic surgery procedures like the hourglass fat transfer surgery to make your hips wider. The surgery would involve the transferring of fat from other areas of your body to your hips.

The second important element of the aesthetics of the buttocks is the muscle and fat. Together, they constitute a major portion of your buttocks. The gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus are the major muscles found in the buttocks. If you are looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of your buttocks, you should be aware of the muscles that shape the buttocks.

Then there is the subcutaneous fat that shapes much of the buttock. The more fat you have in your buttocks, the fuller and shapelier your buttocks will appear. If your buttocks are smaller or flatter, your plastic surgeon may recommend injecting your own body fat into the buttocks so they can be bigger, fuller, voluptuous, and aesthetically appealing. The right quantity and proportion of fat in the right location in your buttocks can give your backside a beautiful and attractive appearance.

If you want to increase your butt size from a mild to moderate level and want to improve their shape, you may use fat transfer surgery. The procedure will involve liposuction to remove the excess fat from the fat donor sites in your body and injection of the removed fat in your buttocks to add the required projection and shape. However, fat transfer cannot help increase your butt size to a greater degree. If your primary goal is bigger buttocks instead of shapelier buttocks, you should go for butt implant surgery.

Buttock fat distribution

The fat distribution in the buttocks determines much of the aesthetics of your booty. In most cases, your genetic factors and hormonal changes define the fat distribution in your backside. Contrary to the general assumption that you cannot change the fat distribution in your booties, there are still ways to do that. Plastic surgery can help distribute the fat in your buttocks in a manner that would make your backside look aesthetically appealing and voluptuous.

Benefits of aesthetically appealing buttocks

Having bigger and aesthetically appealing buttocks comes with major benefits, especially for women. Women with better buttock shape are considered more welcoming and pleasant. This helps them succeed in their personal, social, and professional lives. Furthermore, they are more satisfied and content with their life.

Fuller and shapelier buttocks also help them attract and find better mates because these features make them appear more feminine, fertile, and sexier to the opposite sex. Moreover, females with fuller and shapelier behinds are able to fit in well in their clothes and swimwear and participate in different physical activities with more confidence.


The buttocks are among the most important parts of the human body. They not only help us move, sit, and do different activities with ease but also define our overall physical beauty and body aesthetics. The buttocks are considered one of the major factors in the aesthetic beauty of women.

Women with bigger, shapelier, perkier, and fuller buttocks are not only considered to be physically beautiful but also more feminine and fertile. If your buttocks are smaller, flatter, uneven, or saggy, you may consider a number of plastic surgery interventions to enhance them, such as butt implant surgery, butt lift, and Brazilian butt lift.

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