All about natural breast augmentation

All about natural breast augmentation

05th Aug 2016

The breast augmentation procedure that uses the patient’s own fat to enhance the appearance of the breasts is probably the most effective natural breast augmentation method. Why do we call this method natural? Well, the main reason would be that no foreign objects or materials are introduced in the body. Hence the reaction to the body is more natural since the cells come from a tissue in the body.
For those of the faint of heart when it comes to surgeries, plastic surgeons recommend an easier method for breast augmentation: fat transfer. According to the latest advancements in plastic surgery, fat transfer collected through liposuction is a viable alternative to the traditional silicone implants.
Almost all women would like to have bigger, firmer and lifted breasts, but some don’t have the courage needed to get to the operation table. Considering the risks and potential complications of breast augmentation with silicone implants, it is no wonder that women are looking for more natural methods for breast enhancement.


Who is an ideal candidate for the natural breast augmentation using fat transfer?

The first condition for the patient is that they should have a donor area. This means that an area on your body should have excessive fat tissue where the fat can be harvested. It will then be treated and injected in your breasts. Consequently, the intervention is performed in two stages:

  1. During the first stage, fat is harvested from one or more donor areas. This is usually found in the stomach area, flanks, buttocks, and thighs. The fat cells are extracted from the donor areas through a liposuction procedure.
  2. Afterwards, the fat in injected to the breasts in order to achieve the best possible breast augmentation. Keep in mind that we can’t inject more than 200 ml of fat in one session. Thus, if the patient expects a bigger enhancement, they will need to be subjected to multiple interventions for the natural breast augmentation.


With that said, the ideal candidate should be aware and realistic to know that this procedure is not capable of providing impressive breast growth. In other words, the fat transfer can’t get you from an A cup bra size to a D cup, all during one intervention. If the patient wants to have significant projection of the breasts, then mammary implants are still the most suitable solution.


The main benefits of natural breast augmentation:

Breast enhancement via fat transfer leaves behind practically no scars. The plastic surgeon only needs small incisions to be able to introduce the cannulas to the donor areas as well as the breasts. These incisions are no bigger than 4-5 mm. Hence, it is certainly less traumatizing for the patient.
Injecting your own fat to your breasts is also a great solution to correct sagging breasts. .It has also been demonstrated that fat transfer not only can increases the dimensions of the breasts, but they also offer good results for those who have sagging breasts. Of course, we are talking about mild breast sagging and not a severe breast ptosis.
Aside from the obvious benefits to the breasts, there is a secondary benefit that most patients really appreciate, which is the reshaping of their donor area. Because the fat is retrieved from a donor area, liposuction removes enough excessive fat tissue to use for the breast augmentation. This means that not only will the patient have bigger breasts, but also an improved profile if liposuction is performed on the abdomen and flanks. That’s like killing two birds with one stone.
If you needed more reasons to do this procedure, you’ll be happy to know that the recovery period after the natural breast augmentation takes less time. With such small incisions to deal with, the risk of complications decreases too.


Some disadvantages of the natural breast augmentation

The main disadvantage of fat transfer is that you can’t get huge breasts in one sitting. If you are dreaming about Pamela Anderson’s breasts, you should seriously consider silicone implants. While fat transfer to the breast provides you with less visible scars, you will get only minor breast improvement compared to silicone implants. Also, the result of the procedure might be just temporary. With the breast implants, the results are permanent unless a complication occurs and the implants need to be removed or replaced. But with fat transfer to the breasts, the shape and size of your breasts can change over time or due to weight loss or gain. The plastic surgeon will inject a larger quantity of fat cells than necessary because the body will reabsorb a significant percentage of it in one to two years after the procedure.
The price of the intervention varies depending on the donor areas because it may cost more if multiple donor areas need to be targeted in order to get the desired amount of fat.



Overall, it great to know that there is a more natural method to improve the appearance, size and shape of the breasts. Who knew having large amounts of fat would be a good thing?
Moreover, the intervention has fewer risks and potential complications than silicone breast implants surgery, plus a shorter recovery period. These advantages make the natural breast augmentation a great solution for people who want visible results with the least amount of complications.


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