All about silicone butt implants

All about silicone butt implants

25th Apr 2019


While breast implants have been used for more than half a century to enhance the appearance of the bust, butt implants have become more popular in the last few years. Nowadays, butt augmentation with implants is frequently performed, but there are still many people who don’t know much about silicone butt implants.

The first thing we need to mention about butt implants is that they are different from breast implants and also from silicone injections.

Butt implants are made out of the same type of silicone as breast implants, which is medical silicone. However, this is pretty much where the similarities end. Breast implants have a silicone capsule and are filled with either silicone gel or saline solution. Butt implants are made out of a more cohesive silicone, and they look more like chunks of silicone than a bag of silicone filled with liquid. The difference in the consistency of the implants is justified by the location where they will be inserted. The natural tissues of the breasts are softer, so it is normal for breast implants to emulate the texture of the breasts and for butt implants to feel more like the toned muscles of the butt. After the procedure, buttocks with implants will have a more impressive projection and their feel will be like that of someone who has been working out intensely at the gym.

So if the doctor performing your procedure suggests using breast implants for your butt augmentation, you should go look for a real board-certified plastic surgeon. I have had patients who had breast implants inserted into their buttocks, and in a vast majority of cases, the implants were ruptured when I removed and replaced them. Breast implants are not designed to withstand intense pressure, and they can rupture even when mammography is performed if the technician doesn’t use the appropriate technique. Gluteal implants are made to last, are more durable than breast implants, and they don’t need to be replaced in ten to fifteen years as is the recommendation for breast implants.

Another important detail people should know about butt implants is that the silicone used for them is very different than the silicone used for injections sold on the black market. Butt implants are available in every plastic surgeon’s office across the country, and silicone injections can only be acquired from the black market. Gluteal implants are safe for you to use as deemed by the FDA while silicone injections put your life in danger. The silicone used for these injections is industrial silicone. So if you were thinking that by getting silicone injections you are getting the cheapest butt augmentation procedure, this is not true. You are only putting your life on the line.


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