All you need to know about breast implant profiles

All you need to know about breast implant profiles

13th Jul 2017

Before you can go on a surgery for breast augmentation with breast implants, there are several things that you need to clearly understand so you can make the most informed and best decision that would deliver optimal results for you.

Note that breast augmentation with implants will require several incisions to gain access to the breasts and insert the implants. There are also different kinds of implants that can be used to augment the breasts. It all depends on the final result that a patient wants to achieve.

The breast implants that can be inserted on a patient’s breast come in different varieties. One of the decisions that a patient has to make about her breast implants is the profile. The profile of a breast implant will determine the projection of the breast after the surgery.

If you compare round breast implants that have the same volume but have a different base diameter, you will see that the one with a narrow base has a greater projection than the other. The round breast implant profiles can be classified as low profile, medium profile and high profile. The low profile implants have the least amount of projection. They usually have a larger base width and is ideal for women who have wider chests.

The moderate profile offers more projection as compared to a low profile breast implant. This kind of implant is flattering on most women and is recommended for women who have narrower or smaller chests. The high profile implants on the other hand offers the most projection. It is the profile of choice when a woman wants a rounded fullness at the top of the breast. This is what you will see in women who have a very prominent cleavage. This profile is best for smaller women with narrow chests.

Although the patients often have their own ideas about the profile they want, it is highly recommended that they listen to what their surgeon has to say. A surgeon will first take measurements of the patient to determine the maximum width and the maximum projection that is appropriate for the frame of the body. This is to ensure that your breasts will look proportionate to the rest of your body even if you have implants. For a flatter projection, low profile breast implants are selected but for a more rounded or more obvious implants, a very high profile can be selected.

There are also different profiles for anatomically shaped breast implants. Due to the shape of these breast implants, the profiles are not the only basis for decision making. The height of the anatomical implants are also considered. If you are unsure about what kind of implant you should go for, it would be best to go for consultation. The surgeon will be able to explain the different types of breast implants that are available today and suggest which ones would be best for you depending on your frame, preference or desired result. It is always best to listen and heed the advice of experts. With their wealth of experience in this type of surgery, they know which breast implants fits your frame, and which would give you the best results.


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