All you need to know about breast implants profiles

All you need to know about breast implants profiles

04th May 2017

Just like with any plastic surgery, choosing to undergo a breast implant procedure is an important decision that you have to carefully consider. Even when you have finally decided to go through with the surgery, there are still a few more decisions you have to make, which will affect the final results of your surgery.

Because each woman is different, this means that they can have individual goals and expectations on how they want their breasts to look like. Fortunately, it is possible to meet varying preferences due to the vast number of types of implants available..

A patient can choose whether to get a silicone or a saline implant. Afterwards, they will also need to choose the profile of the implants. The breast profile refers to how you want your new breasts to be projected. Consequently, there are different breast implants profiles available, which differ in the diameter of the breast base. The narrower the base width is, the greater the projection.

When it comes to selecting the implant profile suitable for you, it is necessary to take into consideration your anatomy. For example, those who already have a naturally wide breast base, getting a high profile breast implant wouldn’t be ideal. In other words, the breast base is a highly important factor in the proper selection of the implant profile. Some petite women could also have a wide breast base, which is why it has to be measured and identified properly. The surgeons can help in determining how wide your breast base is, to ensure that you get the implant profile suitable for your anatomy.

The round implants have 5 different possible profiles, which are as follows: low, moderate, moderate plus, high and ultra high profile breast implant. The low profile breast implants have the least amount of projection and the widest base, whereas the ultra high profile breast implant has the greatest amount of projection and narrowest base. The high profile breast implants are the ones that have the most upper pole fullness. A high profile implant gives significant projection to the breasts, but a low or moderate profile one can give the “side-boob” appearance.

The anatomical breast implants also come in different profiles, but they tend to have one part fuller than the other. When selecting anatomical breast implants, the surgeon will have to take into consideration the height and width measurements.

Evidently, there are many things to consider when getting breast implants. There is no reason to fret though as your surgeon will be able to help you with your decision making. They will be able to tell you if the profile of the implant you have chosen is appropriate for your size or not. In addition, the surgeons will know which breast implants suit your anatomy. For this reason, patients should learn to listen to their surgeons and accept their advice because they are experts. Surgeons with enough experience are able to tell immediately which breast implants will not match well with a patient’s anatomy. Therefore, it is not a good idea to force what you want when your surgeon advises against it, especially if getting what you want will put you at more risk of developing complications.


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