Am I too skinny for a BBL?

Am I too skinny for a BBL?

07th Nov 2020

The Brazilian butt lift is a very popular procedure nowadays as it delivers impressive, completely natural results. The BBL entails the harvest of the patient’s own fat cells that will be processed and then reinjected into the buttocks. The procedure begins with the plastic surgeon performing liposuction on areas with a surplus of fat tissue. In many cases, the donor areas for the Brazilian butt lift are the abdomen and the flanks, but the thighs and lower back can be considered as well. The donor areas can be different from patient to patient, depending on the patient’s tendency to accumulate fat. Liposuction can be performed on one or multiple areas of the body to collect the necessary amount of fat for the transfer.

But it is important to know that not all the fat that is harvested with liposuction in the initial stage of the process can be used for reinjection into the buttocks. After it is collected, the fat needs to go through a complex purification process. During this process, the damaged fat cells, blood, and other impurities are eliminated to leave behind just pure, healthy fat cells that are eligible for the transfer. After the processing of fat cells is completed, the plastic surgeon can start the reinjection into the buttocks. He will inject small amounts of fat cells in different areas of the buttocks to ensure their survival in the new area and also to avoid the formation of granulomas.

When interested in getting bigger buttocks with the help of plastic surgery, the patient needs to discuss her eligibility for the Brazilian butt lift with the plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, it is a procedure that has specific and strict requirements to be able to be performed on certain patients. 

A condition that is essential to be eligible to undergo the BBL is to have unwanted, excess adipose tissue in other areas of the body. Moreover, the fat needs to be placed in areas where it can be easily removed with liposuction. Patients with an excess of fat on the chin, arms, lower part of the legs, and other similar areas are not always eligible for the procedure. The plastic surgeon needs to be able to collect at least a few liters of fat from the donor areas for the patient to be able to undergo the procedure. Keep in mind that during the processing stage, we can lose up to 30% of the quantity of the fat harvested and sometimes even more. 

If you are wondering if you are too skinny for a BBL, chances are you might indeed be. However, it is only after a consultation with the plastic surgeon that you will find out the correct answer to your question. Also, the plastic surgeon might advise you to get butt implants together with fat transfer to achieve the desired aesthetic results.

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