Am i too young to get breast implants?

Am i too young to get breast implants?

17th Jul 2019

Am I too young to get breast implants?


The breasts can complete their development by the time the girl is 16 years old or even younger. This means that most teenagers find out pretty soon if they are blessed with a generous cleavage or not. When the development of the breasts stops when the breasts are still small and not proportionate to the rest of the girl’s anatomy, it is common for the teenagers to look for solutions to make their breasts look bigger. This is related to the fact that in general, we consider women with breasts to be more feminine and sexier. There are teenagers who will look for push up bras or bras with different pads inside that will give the appearance of bigger breasts. There are teenagers who will insert socks in their bras with the same purpose. The ideas vary but one thing is certain, many teenagers with underdeveloped breasts would want to undergo breast augmentation with implants as soon as possible in life.

The lack of proportions when it comes to the size and volume of the breasts can cause real emotional complexes and can prevent the woman from living a normal life. When breast hypotrophy is excessive, the woman will avoid situations when she can’t wear a bra and avoid getting naked when being intimate with someone. 

Young patients come to the plastic surgeon’s office, and the first question they ask is whether they are too young to get breast implants. As you probably already know, there are two types of breast implants that can be used: silicone implants and saline solution implants. The general recommendation is to use saline solution implants on patients over 18 years old and silicone implants on patients over 21 years old. In other words, if you are over 18 years old, you are not too young to get breast implants, but you have a limited choice. After the age of 21 years old, patients can choose between saline solution or silicone as they are eligible for both types of breast implants.

However, it is also important to mention that aside from the general recommendation and the development of the mammary gland, there are other factors that could deem you as too young to get breast implants. We are talking here about the emotional maturity of the patient. To be able to undergo such a complex procedure at a young age, the patient must demonstrate maturity in thinking and also the ability to understand and accept the risks and complications associated with the procedure.

Just like any other surgery, breast augmentation with implants entails potential complications, some that can occur years after such as capsular contracture. Moreover, the patient also needs to understand that undergoing plastic surgery to get bigger breasts early in life often means that additional procedures will be required later on to remove and replace the implants that have a limited lifespan. 

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