Amazing facts about buttock implants

Amazing facts about buttock implants

16th Jul 2018

While bigger and shapelier butts have remained a trend for thousands of years now, people have lately become very obsessed with aesthetically appealing booties. There is no doubt that bigger butts not only appear prettier and sexier, but it also defines your overall body outline and profile. If your booties are flatter, one modernized way to make them bigger is through buttock implants surgery.

Buttock implants are prosthetic devices that are placed inside the butt. The surgery involves the placing of incisions on the butt crease through which the implants are inserted. This results in bigger, enhanced buttocks. In this article, we will reveal to you some amazing facts about buttock implants.

1. Buttock implants and breast implants are two different things

Yes, there are many people who think that butt implants and breast implants are similar. The fact is they’re not. A buttock implant is made up of solid silicone material, unlike breast implant that is made up of a shell that is filled either with silicone gel or saline solution.

2. Buttock implants do not rupture or leak

Given that buttock implants are made of highly durable silicone material, they are completely resistant to ruptures or leaks. The robust and solid construction of the implants gives them the capability to withstand immense pressure and force. They are not like breast implants that can rupture or leak upon impact.

3. The results are permanent

Because of the durability of the butt implants, the results are permanent. Once you get the implants, you are not required to have them removed or replaced unless serious complications like infections, implant displacement, or capsular contracture occur. It is unlike breast implants that should be removed and/or replaced after a few years. The results are there to stay for a lifetime.

4. The use of butt implants is skyrocketing

Butt implant surgery is already a big trend. Every year, thousands of people undergo the procedure to make their rear ends look fuller and voluptuous. The surgery increased by 36% between 2014 and 2015, making it one of the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures in the US. There are multiple reasons for the popularity of butt implants, which includes the permanent and effective results and the aesthetic improvements they offer.

5. Butt implants resemble a candy

It’s true! Butt implants are not very solid, stiff material. In fact, they’re semi-solid and flexible. The butt implants have been constructed to imitate your natural tissue and butt muscles. There are many people who look at it as unstable or unsteady stuff like a bag of water. Actually, it resembles a gummy bear, which possesses the same characteristics as the human muscle.

6. Butt implants are for both genders

While butt implants surgery is more popular among women, the trend has increased among men as well. This has happened in the last couple of years. Now, men are also undergoing butt implants surgery to add projection to their booties. And why shouldn’t they? Men with flatter or smaller butts appear aesthetically unwelcoming, which also makes them experience lower self-esteem. The butt implants help them overcome the condition and boost their self-confidence.

7. Butt implants surgery can make you appear intelligent

According to a research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California in 2008, women with bigger, shapelier buttocks were viewed smarter and more intelligent than women with smaller or flatter ones. The study found out that bigger butts and wider hips made the women appear curvy, which caused onlookers to see and perceive them differently. It is also worth mentioning here that women with bigger behinds are also proven to produce intelligent children. This fact has also been established by a number of studies.

8. Butt implants will help you get better partners

There have already been a number of studies about the impact of bigger buttocks on sexual attraction. It has been found that if you have bigger backsides, you will be seen as more fertile and sexier. Also, bigger booties indicate that you can deliver babies easily. Women also prefer to mate with men who have visible and prominent buttocks.

There is a genetic tendency in Homo sapiens to prefer to have sexual intercourse with someone who has bigger and more prominent booties. The use of buttock implants is an effective way to make your butts bigger and look sexier. If you have smaller or flatter behinds, you may find it hard to attract a better partner for sex. The butt implants surgery will help you overcome this flaw, enabling you to attract better mates.

9. Butt implants can bring you compliments

Bigger booties are famous. They are the new standard of physical beauty. They are once limited to celebrities, but now, even ordinary women are going under the knife to add projection and shape to their derriere. Women with bigger butts get more compliment and fame. According to a study conducted by Men’s Health, the body part people tend to compliment more than anything else in a woman is her booty. The study analyzed 3,000 women to come up with the findings.

10. Butt implants can help you achieve any size of buttocks

The buttock implants come in a range of sizes. This means that no matter how big the butt you desire to get, it can make it possible for you. However, it is always advised that you should get butt implants that can fit your overall body profile and buttock dimensions. Getting a too large or too small implant can make your butt and body appear irregular and disproportionate. The implants should complement your overall body outline.


Buttock implants are becoming more popular for a number of reasons. The amazing facts about buttock implants, as explained above, are some of the reasons why butt implants have become so in demand. In order to enjoy all the benefits of butt implants surgery, you should have the procedure done by only a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon.

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