Analyzing the risks and benefits of butt implant surgery

Analyzing the risks and benefits of butt implant surgery

04th Sep 2019



Women are incredibly conscious when it comes to features of their body. The buttocks are the second most crucial aesthetic area of the female body after the breasts. The size and shape of the butt show the level of your femininity and fertility, in addition to defining your body outline. Bigger and shapelier buttocks make you look more feminine and beautiful, whereas a smaller and poorly shaped booty does the opposite. Buttock implants make the buttocks fuller, bigger, and projected.

Butt implants are artificial objects that are inserted and placed into the buttocks through incisions. While the surgery can effectively enhance your backside, it is not free of risks. Like all invasive procedures, there are many risks associated with butt implant surgery. It is vital for the patient to analyze the risks and benefits and undergo the procedure only when the benefits are higher than the risks.


Risks of butt implant surgery

Butt implant surgery is not free of risks. Since it involves incisions and placing artificial objects into your buttocks, there are risks associated with the procedure. During the pre-operative consultation, make sure to discuss the risks of the operation with the plastic surgeon. A good surgeon will always explain the risks to you and tell you as to how likely you are to suffer from the risks depending on your health condition. The risks are higher for women with serious health issues. Below are the risks of butt implant surgery:


–    Implant displacement

During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will insert pre-selected implants inside your buttocks. Butt implants are prosthetic devices made of semi-solid silicone material. These implants come in different sizes. The plastic surgeon will help you choose the suitable size during the pre-operative consultation. The implants can be placed within, under, or over the gluteal muscle. 

However, when the implants are large and are placed over the gluteal muscle, you will be exposed to the risk of implant displacement. Implant displacement means the implant will get out of the pocket or rotate within the pocket. When this problem happens, your butt shape and size will look abnormal and you will be required to get a new surgery to correct the condition. 


–    Infection

Infection is yet another problem that you will be exposed to after surgery. Since the operation involves incisions, there is a risk you may contract an infection. This risk is higher for women who have a weak immune system. An infection that is limited to the skin or incision can be treated with oral or IV antibiotics; however, when the disease spreads to the implants, the condition will be severe and life-threatening. The patient must undergo a new surgery if the infection has affected the implants. During the operation, the surgeon will remove the implants and disinfect the infected tissues and muscles. 


–    Capsular contracture

Butt implant surgery involves incisions on the buttocks. The incisions usually change into scars as they heal after the procedure. However, there is a risk the incisions may continuously contract. This contraction can cause physical pain for the patient and change the shape of the buttocks, making them look abnormal. This condition is called capsular contracture. To overcome the pain linked with this condition, the patient is required to undergo new surgery during which the surgeon will remove the implants from the buttocks along with the scar tissue.


–    Anesthesia risks

Buttock implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia because it is a highly invasive and traumatic procedure. The plastic surgeon will discuss the anesthesia with you during the pre-operative consultation. Some patients are allergic to general anesthesia. If you have such a history, you must bring this to the knowledge of the plastic surgeon. Also, women with serious pulmonary problems will be at risk of anesthetic issues during and after the surgery. 


–    Buttock asymmetry

Buttock asymmetry is a condition whereby the buttocks look differently sized or shaped. There is a risk that after the surgery, your buttocks may appear asymmetrical or unbalanced. This can affect your overall body outline. You can reduce this risk by choosing your plastic surgeon carefully.


–    Change or loss of skin sensation

Since the surgery involves incisions, there is a risk that your nerves may be injured or damaged. The nerves are located in the skin and are responsible for maintaining your skin sensation. When the nerves are injured or damaged, your natural skin sensation may change or your buttocks may become numb. However, in most cases, the nerves heal and regenerate and your skin sensation will be restored. In rare instances in which the damage done to the nerves is severe, the change or loss of skin sensation will be permanent. 


–    Excessive bleeding

There is also a risk that the patient may experience excessive bleeding during or after the surgery. This risk is higher for patients with diabetes and those who are careless during the recovery period. When the incisions split open due to pressure or strain, it can lead to bleeding, infection, and poor wound healing. 


–    Blood clotting

Some patients will be at risk of blood clotting after the procedure. During the recovery period, you will be required to take rest and avoid physical movements. This can increase your risk of blood clotting. Also, some patients have a history of blood clotting, and they will be more at risk of this problem after surgery. 


–    Unfavorable scarring

In most cases, scarring after surgery usually happens. The scars will fade over the next few months and years following the procedure. However, some factors can trigger the development of abnormal scarring. Abnormal scars are raised, more visible, and aesthetically unwelcoming. 


Benefits of the procedure

Although butt implant surgery is a risky procedure, it also comes with many benefits. You should also discuss the benefits with the plastic surgeon, besides discussing the risks. You should undergo the procedure when you are sure that the benefits are higher than the risks. Here are the benefits of butt implant surgery:


–    Your butt size will increase considerably

There is no doubt that butt implant surgery can considerably increase your butt size. The implants come in different sizes, and you can choose an implant suitable for your body outline and butt dimension. After the procedure, you can expect your buttocks to appear bigger and voluptuous. 


–    You will appear more feminine and fertile

When the buttocks become large and accentuate your other physical features, you will appear more feminine and fertile. More prominent and fuller buttocks are associated with femininity and fertility. On the other hand, smaller buttocks make you look less feminine and fertile. After the procedure, you will look sexier, which can in turn improve your sexuality. Many women report being more satisfied with their sex lives after butt implant surgery.


–    Your body outline will improve

Buttock implant surgery not only makes your buttocks bigger and shapelier but also improves your body outline. When the buttocks become bigger and accentuate your body outline, you will appear physically beautiful and sensual. However, the key to getting this benefit is that you must choose your implant size carefully. Make sure the implant size goes well with your body outline and other physical features. You can rely on the recommendation of your plastic surgeon to select your butt implant size. Keep in mind that bigger is not always better for every woman. 


–    The results are permanent in most cases

The results of buttock implant surgery are permanent in most cases, thanks to the durability and robust construction of the implants. Butt implants are permanent objects, made of semi-solid silicone material that can withstand huge pressure and force. As a result of the durability of the implants, the results are permanent as long as rare but severe problems like capsular contracture implant infection, and butt asymmetry doesn’t happen. 


–    Your self-esteem will improve

The improvements introduced to your buttocks by butt implant surgery will gradually improve your self-esteem. After the procedure, you will have a positive outlook on your body image and the shape and size of your buttocks. Higher self-esteem will improve other aspects of your life as well. 



Buttock implant surgery is an elective procedure. Women get the procedure to improve their butt size and contour. During the procedure, the surgeon will place pre-selected implants inside the booty, which will add volume and projection to your backside. Butt implant surgery is highly effective; however, it is not free of risks. The surgery is invasive, which can expose you to certain risks. In this article, I have discussed the risks and benefits of the operation. Be sure to analyze the risks and benefits of the surgery and avoid going under the knife if the risks are higher than the benefits.


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