Anatomic shape versus round butt implants

Anatomic shape versus round butt implants

02nd Jun 2017

Anatomic shape versus round butt implants


There are two popular buttock augmentation procedures that can be done to enhance the buttocks. The first, called fat grafting, involves the harvesting and transfer of fat to the buttocks, and the other one uses solid silicone implants to improve the shape and size of the buttocks. Both procedures deliver great results.

Proper selection of the implants is important for those who opt to have butt implant surgery. There are several sizes and types of implants to choose from. Anatomical implants and the round implants are the types commonly favored and scrupulously compared.

The round implants produce a more prominent rounded shape of the butt. It is sometimes described as having a bubble butt. Although many women love this, the shape is more unnatural. The round implants look more obvious as compared to the anatomically shaped ones. The primary advantage of rounded implants over the anatomical is that when they rotate, the butt does not become misshapen or asymmetrical.

Anatomically shaped butt implants present a more natural looking shape since they are more rounded at the bottom than at the top. The downside is that when they rotate and get displaced, the buttocks look deformed. There would be a need to undergo another surgery to correct or replace them with round ones.

Buttock Augmentation Procedures

The desire to have a rounder, bigger and shapelier butt may have been partly influenced by celebrity trends. With a 24/7 news cycle and all available forms of social media, what is trending would almost be impossible to miss. The buttock augmentation surgery serves as an enabler, a surgical bridge that allows women to have the figure that famous celebrities have. Through this surgery, they are able to augment their buttocks into the size and shape that they desire.

One way to augment the buttocks is called fat grafting or using the body’s own fats to increase size and improve shape of the butt. While this procedure can deliver more natural looking butt augmentation, not everybody can qualify. Only those with enough fats in their body can undergo this kind of procedure. Assuming the patient does have enough excess fats, there is also a limit on how much fat can be safely harvested and injected into the buttocks. For some, this limit cannot produce the volume needed for the desired size. When this happens, butt implants would be the only viable solution. It can deliver more dramatically enhanced butts.

Buttock Implants

Implant technology has also greatly improved through the years. Today’s implants are of high-grade quality that went through rigorous screening. In fact, there are no less than two implant manufacturers in the U.S. that produce soft-solid silicone gels that comes in different materials, shapes and sizes. It is strong and long lasting and no fears of leakage since it is solid.

Selecting the size and shape of the buttock implants to use is one of the important decisions that you will need to make after discussing thoroughly with your surgeon. It can be quite confounding and difficult to choose a size and a shape. Although a board certified and experienced surgeon can help you choose, the final decision as to the kind of buttock implants to use will still depend on the patient. There is actually no such thing as “fits one, fits all” type of implant otherwise there would be no need for variety. What is your best is not necessarily the best for another patient. You will need to choose one that best suits your body frame and anatomy as well as your personal goals.

Anatomic Vs. Round Implants

Which is better? Anatomic or the round implants? The truth is either of the two can be used as they can both successfully augment the buttocks. The selection of the size and shape of the implants will depend on the desired outcome of the patient as well as the original shape of their buttocks.

The round shaped implant is the most common implant for the buttocks. When this implant rotates or shifts, the buttocks will not look misshapen. The rounded implants also give a more bubble butt look, which is the goal of many patients who go through the implant surgery. That said, the bubble butt look is a more unnatural and phony looking butt. Still, many women love it because it does look great and delivers the most projection and rounder appearance.

In contrast, the anatomically shaped implants mimic the shape of the buttocks where one end is more prominent than the other. This kind of butt implants can be used in different patients especially those who want a more natural looking butt. The disadvantage of this shaped butt implants is that it causes visible deformities and a skewed appearance to the buttocks when it rotates. To correct the deformity, a revision surgery would be needed to address displacement. The anatomical shape implants have added risk of shifting even if they can provide better lift to the lower potion of the butt and look more natural. Still, the risk outweighs the benefits.


There are two ways to get bigger, rounder and shapelier buttocks, to wit: Fat grafting or fat transfer and butt implants. Fat transfer involves harvesting of excess fats from other parts of the body and injecting it to the butt for a more natural and less invasive augmentation. Butt Implants on the other hand, involves inserting solid silicone gel implants to fashion a dramatically enhanced butt.

The implant buttock augmentation surgery is procedure of choice for most women especially those who do not have enough excess fat to qualify for fat transfer. It is also the preferred option for women who want a bigger, more pronounced butt that a fat transfer procedure cannot provide.

Patients who elect to have butt augmentation with implants invariably choose between a round or anatomically shaped butt implant. The round shaped implants are more common and are mostly used because they do not change shape when they rotate. They also deliver the bubble butt look favored by women even if it looks more unnatural. The anatomically shaped implants, which is fuller at the bottom, are best for those who want to achieve a more natural looking augmentation of the buttocks. This shaped implant is almost a perfect copycat of the real butt. However, it causes misshapen and deformed butts when it rotates and the likelihood for displacement is high. It will also require revision surgery to correct the unsightly effects of rotation and displacement. .

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