Anesthesia for breast augmentation

Anesthesia for breast augmentation

16th Sep 2018

Breast augmentation is a major kind of surgery, and it cannot be performed without making use of some sort of anesthesia. In fact, there are different kinds of anesthesia that can be used for breast augmentation surgery. The type of anesthesia used on a patient will depend on several factors such as the type of surgery, the preference of the surgeon, the facility where the operation is performed, and the health of the patient.

Many patients may have a fear of going under anesthesia because of the risks involved with it. Although there can be major side effects, they only occur rarely. Anesthesia is essential to surgical procedures, and the different types used will also depend on what kind of surgery a patient is going to go through.

The anesthesia used for the surgery will always be administered by a professional. This helps make sure the right dosage is used and they are also there to monitor the patient’s condition while the surgeon is busy with the surgery. It is best to make sure that the anesthesiologist, who is going to work with the surgeon on your breast augmentation, is also board-certified.

There are two kinds of anesthesia that can be used during the breast augmentation surgery. Surgeons can choose whether to go for general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. Both kinds of anesthesia have been successfully used and are currently used for breast augmentation surgeries. Different surgeons would prefer different anesthesia. If the type of anesthesia that would be used is the main concern, then you should talk to your surgeon and ask about what kind they will use on you.

Traditionally, general anesthesia is used for breast augmentation surgeries. Its effects can be felt not only in one area of the body but on the entire body. This kind of anesthesia is mostly used for major or invasive surgeries, such as breast augmentation. Anesthesia helps make sure you don’t feel the pain as they work on your breast. The general anesthesia is usually inhaled or is in liquid form. It doesn’t only prevent you from feeling pain, but it also doesn’t make you remember about the time when you are under anesthesia.

General anesthesia has some side effects such as nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, allergic reactions, and sore throat. In order to avoid some of the side effects, surgeons may give anti-nausea medications intravenously during the surgery.

Instead of general anesthesia, there are surgeons who prefer to use a local anesthesia and IV sedation. In this method, a patient will be injected with the local anesthesia, which would make an area of the body numb. Aside from feeling numbness in the breast, patients will also be sedated. Once you are asleep, they can start working on your breasts.

Many prefer to use the local anesthesia and sedation procedure because recovery is much more comfortable for the patient. The side effects are also less because the anesthesia used doesn’t affect the whole body. After the surgery and once the anesthesia has been removed from the system, pain medication prescribed by the surgeon will help deal with the pain.

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