Answering common questions about the breast lift

Answering common questions about the breast lift

30th Sep 2019



Aesthetic flaws in the breasts not only make you look unattractive but also create self-esteem issues for you. Women are particularly sensitive about their physical appearance. The breasts are among the most vital cosmetic areas of the female body because they signify your femininity, fertility and define your overall beauty. When the breasts become saggy, they look poorly contoured and make you look aged.

The breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can restore your youthfulness by making your breasts perky, firmer, and sexy again. It is one of the most commonly performed operations in the US. Many women have questions in their minds about breast lift and seek answers to them. You should ask the plastic surgeon as many questions as possible before deciding to go under the knife. Below are the common questions about the breast lift. 


What problem does the breast lift treat?

The breast lift has been developed to treat saggy breasts. Many factors cause the female breasts to sag over time. Leading among those factors are pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, aging, and gravity. These factors lead to the separation of breast muscles and weakness of skin elasticity. As a result, your breasts become loose and saggy. The breast lift effectively restores youthful, firmer, and perky breasts. The improvements that the breast lift introduces to your breasts will not only improve your breast contour but also enhance your overall body outline. Your self-esteem will also get a boost.  


How is the breast lift performed?

The breast lift is a major and highly invasive procedure. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on your breasts. The type and length of the incisions depend on the severity of breast sagging, your aesthetic goals, and your plastic surgeon’s preferences. After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will access the underlying breast muscles through the incisions and then tighten and repair those muscles. 

In the next step, the plastic surgeon will check whether the nipples are pointing downwards. If that is the case, he will place a tiny incision above the nipple and remove a small amount of skin from it. The incision is then sutured and closed. As a result, your nipples will become tighter and point forward. They will look perky and firm again.

In the next step, the plastic surgeon will trim the pigmented skin of the areola on its edges. When the skin is removed, the areola will become smaller and make you look younger. After restoring the youthful appearance of the areolas, the surgeon will excise the excess skin from the breasts. This is the most crucial step of the operation. The incisions are then sutured and closed. 


How to choose a plastic surgeon for the breast lift

Choosing a plastic surgeon for the breast lift is a vital decision that you have to make. The success of the operation depends on your surgeon’s credentials, experience, skills, and reputation. In the US, almost all doctors are allowed to perform plastic surgery legally. This often confuses patients. To ensure your safety and the achievement of your aesthetic goals, be sure to have the operation performed by only a board-certified plastic surgeon having extensive experience in the breast lift. 


What happens during the consultation?

The goal of the pre-operative consultation is to determine your candidacy for the breast lift. It also gives you the opportunity to address your concerns and ask questions from the plastic surgeon. During the session, the plastic surgeon will examine your breasts to determine whether you need the breast lift. If the surgeon finds out that your breasts are saggy and the breast lift can treat the condition, he will then assess your overall health. He will also take precise measurements and then tell you whether you are a good candidate for the operation. You can also ask the surgeon about the surgery, risks, recovery period, and the results. 


What type of anesthesia is used?

The breast lift is a major, invasive, and traumatic plastic surgery procedure. As such, it is usually performed under general anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist shall administer you the anesthesia, after which you will be asleep. You will not feel any pain during the surgery or remember how the operation was performed. Also, you will not be able to make any movements during the procedure, which gives the surgeon enough control. After the effects of the anesthesia wear off, you will find yourself in a recovery room. 


How long will recovery take?

Your health will be monitored for some hours in the surgical facility. If your health is stable, you will be allowed to go home. The first two weeks following the surgery are critical concerning your recovery. You must avoid work and instead take enough rest during this time. Make sure not to sleep on your front or do physical movements and activities. Instead, you should stay in bed for most of the time and be careful about anything that can trigger complications. After two weeks, you may resume work; however, avoid any action that involves physically strenuous activities for six weeks after the procedure. 


Can I wear my regular bras after the surgery?

After the breast lift, you will be required to avoid wearing your regular bras. Instead, you should wear surgical compression bras for several weeks following the procedure. The surgical bras are designed specifically for patients who get breast surgeries. They aid in the healing of the incisions, reduce the post-operative swelling, and prevent complications. After six weeks, you may go out and shop for new regular bras because your old bras will not fit your breasts after the breast lift. 


How soon will the results appear?

Many women assume that the results of the breast lift will emerge right after the procedure. But the fact is that after the surgery, your breasts will be swollen. The post-operative swelling will take many weeks and even months to subside. The results will not be visible until the swelling has disappeared and the incisions have healed. When the results finally transpire, you will see that your breasts are looking firmer, youthful, and tighter. Your self-esteem and body image will improve as a result. 


How will the scars look?

Scarring after the breast lift is a normal but permanent side effect of the operation. The incisions made during the procedure will gradually develop into scars over time. Scarring happens because your body produces more collagen after the surgery. The collagen is produced to seal the incisions by creating scars and preventing infections and other contaminations. The scars will start to develop a few weeks after the surgery and continue for many months. After one year, the scars will be stable. Keep in mind that the scars are typical side effects of the surgery. The procedure cannot be performed without scarring. In most cases, the scars usually develop and fade over time. However, in rare instances, abnormal scars may form. 


Is it a risky procedure?

The breast lift is not free of surgical and anesthetic complications. Like all other invasive procedures, there are risks associated with it. While the advancements made in plastic surgery have drastically decreased the risks, you may still experience some of them. During the consultation session, be sure to discuss the risks with the plastic surgeon. The risks of breast lift include infection, breast asymmetry, loss or change of breast sensation, loss of breastfeeding capability, seroma and hematoma, anesthesia complications, skin necrosis, etc.


How to retain the results on a long-term basis

After the breast lift, your breasts will become firmer, tighter, and perky. However, the results will not be sustainable if you are careless after the procedure. To retain the outcomes of the surgery, make sure to avoid getting pregnant. During pregnancy, your breasts expand, which can cause them to become loose again. Also, avoid massive weight loss because that can make your breasts saggy again. You can also ask the surgeon as to what you can do to prevent the recurrence of saggy breasts.



Women are susceptible when it comes to the aesthetic appearance of the beasts. The breasts play an essential role in defining your body outline and femininity and setting your self-esteem. Many factors cause the breasts to become saggy. These include pregnancy, gravity, weight loss, and genetics. The breast lift restores the perkiness and youthfulness of the breasts. It does so by taking out the excess skin from the breasts, tightening the breast muscles, and lifting the nipples. Many women are not aware of the details of the surgery and have many questions on their minds. In this article, I have answered the common questions about breast lift. 

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