Appearance of the buttocks 2 weeks after bbl

Appearance of the buttocks 2 weeks after bbl

11th Mar 2020


The Brazilian butt lift is the procedure performed on patients who want perky, more alluring buttocks achieved in a natural manner. The Brazilian butt lift is a combination of two procedures: liposuction and fat transfer. Liposuction is performed on the donor areas. These are areas of the body with an excess of fat such as the abdominal wall, flanks, upper and lower back, or the thighs. 

The plastic surgeon will target one or multiple areas to collect the fat needed for the transfer. Not all the fat collected from the donor areas will be injected into the buttocks. The fat cells harvested go through a complex purification process during which we need to eliminate the damaged fat cells and also the impurities and blood. We transfer only the healthiest and purest fat cells to the buttocks as this is how we ensure the survival of the majority of the fat grafted. The injections in the buttocks are made with a special syringe and entail very small incisions, almost barely visible once the cicatrization process is completed.

The appearance of the buttocks immediately after the surgery is larger, rounder, but also swollen and bruised. There are certain side effects that occur as a result of the surgical trauma, and it takes time for them to subside. The patient might tend to believe that the buttocks are too large after the procedure and maybe has a shape that is not so desirable. Keep in mind that the results you see immediately after the procedure are not the same with the final results that will transpire in two to three months.

The recovery period after the Brazilian butt lift is about two weeks. During this time, the patient can’t sit on the buttocks or lie on the back, and she will need to use a special pillow for a few more weeks. This recommendation is made to keep the grafted fat cells alive as intense pressure like sitting on the buttocks could cause their death. 

The appearance of the buttocks two weeks after the BBL is still bigger than the final result. However, during the first two weeks post-op, the edema will be reduced especially if the patient is committed to wearing the compression garments and applying ice packs on the areas treated with the surgery. The patient will also notice that the swelling and bruising start to subside at this time and in some cases, they could disappear completely in two to three weeks while in some cases the swelling can last for a month or two. To reduce the swelling, Arnica Montana supplements might be prescribed by the plastic surgeon. 

The appearance of the buttocks will be assessed by the plastic surgeon during the follow-up consultation a month after the procedure and then three and six months post-op. 


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