Appropriate patient behavior before and after buttock augmentation with implants

Appropriate patient behavior before and after buttock augmentation with implants

27th Jan 2018

Butt augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the transfer of fats from other parts of the body or the use of implants to increase the size of buttocks. Butt augmentation procedures can help boost your figure, enhance the roundness or projection of your buttocks, and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. Many Americans, in particular, have used this procedure to achieve shapelier buttock profile and figure.

This plastic surgery procedure is suitable for individuals who are not happy with the size and shape of their buttocks. The butt augmentation procedure can be performed using implants or fats from other parts of the body through a process known as liposuction. If you want to reshape and enhance your gluteal area, consider going for a butt augmentation procedure. However, it is as much as your responsibility, not just the doctor’s, to ensure that this procedure is the best and safest solution for you. In order to do so, you should consult with your surgeon whether or not you are both physically and emotionally ready for the procedure.

When to get a butt augmentation

If you want a more balanced appearance and you believe that the size of your buttocks affects your general appearance, then you need to consult a plastic surgeon for butt augmentation procedure. Another reason to consider butt augmentation will be if you have flat buttocks and have always wanted to achieve projected and shapelier buttocks. If aging or losing weight has caused you to have loose buttocks, then the butt augmentation procedure using fat grafting or implants can give you the size and shape of buttocks you have always wanted.

Buttock augmentation can give firmer, uplifted and rounder buttocks to achieve a youthful appearance. If you have always encountered problems fitting into your swimwear due to the shape of your buttocks, you don’t have to worry anymore because butt augmentation can correct such problem and will make you more confident to participate in activities.

Are you a good candidate for buttock augmentation surgery?

You should decide as an individual whether buttock augmentation is good or bad for you, not to make someone else happy. It should be a personal decision. Good candidates for buttock augmentation procedure are individuals who:

• Have a problem with the shape of their buttocks

• Are physically healthy

• Have small buttocks

• Have realistic goals or expectations

If you are a person with realistic expectations, positive attitude and physically healthy then you are a good candidate for this procedure. What you need to do is to find a board certified plastic surgeon who can advise and make you understand what the whole procedure entails.

Selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon

This is a very important step as you plan to undergo butt augmentation procedure. When choosing a plastic surgeon, you should do it based on your comfort and trust level with the plastic surgeon, your plastic surgeon’s experience in butt augmentation procedure and certification or training. After choosing a plastic surgeon you should then schedule for a consultation so that you can find out more about what butt augmentation procedure requires.

Before any plastic surgery procedure, it is always important to stay healthy, avoid smoking and stop some medications that can affect you after the surgery. During the consultation, you should inform your plastic surgeon whether you are under medication or not. Your plastic surgeon will tell you what to discontinue before undergoing plastic surgery.

Preparing for butt augmentation procedure using implants

During the consultation, your plastic surgeon will give you a list of preoperative guidelines to follow as you prepare to undergo the surgery. You’ll also be examined by your plastic surgeon during the consultation to determine whether you are a good fit for butt augmentation procedure.

To achieve swift and fast healing, your plastic surgeon will advise you to:

• Quit alcohol and smoking altogether

• Avoid anything that can dehydrate your body

• Avoid medication such as aspirin and certain herbal medications.

It is usually an outpatient procedure so there is a need for a caregiver to help you while recuperating at home. You should also organize for someone to drive you home after the procedure because you’ll not be allowed to drive immediately after being discharged. Your plastic surgeon should perform the procedure in an accredited medical facility.

After butt augmentation procedure

You’ll be advised by your plastic surgeon to stick to the post-operative instructions for swift recovery. There will be instructions on what to do and what to avoid following butt augmentation procedure using implants. You must also ensure that you wear the support garments as instructed by your plastic surgeon. Ask your plastic surgeon when you can return to work, how to sleep, what to avoid and what to do in case of there will be a complication after butt augmentation procedure.

You should know that there are two types of butt augmentation procedures and each one has its specific instructions that patients should follow to achieve the desired results.

For butt augmentation procedure using implants, patients should ensure that they wear the support garments for about three weeks as advised by their plastic surgeon to ensure that the implants stick to the right position for successful results and to speed up healing after the procedure. Be patient after butt augmentation surgery because complete butt augmentation surgery results are usually seen after three weeks. Patients are therefore expected to wait for full recovery to achieve shapelier and projected buttocks.

If you experience complications such as swelling, persistent pain and infections, you should inform your plastic surgeon immediately before your condition gets worse.


Butt augmentation surgery is a safe plastic surgery procedure, but you can expect to feel some pain and discomfort. Fortunately, the doctor will provide you with pain medication after undergoing butt augmentation procedure to help ease or manage pains associated with wound healing during the recovery.

If successfully performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, the butt augmentation results are usually long lasting. With that said, it is also up to you to strictly follow the doctor’s post-care instructions in order to avoid complications and achieve the best possible results. Thus, you should avoid doing physically strenuous activities after the butt augmentation procedure to achieve the desired results.

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