Are bigger butts always better butts

Are bigger butts always better butts

05th Mar 2018

Bigger butts are the trend among the modern women. Today, most women desire to have bigger booties like some of the most popular celebrities. There is no doubt that bigger buttocks look aesthetically appealing and make you appear fertile, more feminine, and physically attractive. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian reignited the bigger booty trend. However, not all women get naturally bigger buttocks. Most women undergo plastic surgery to get the butts of their dreams.

Since the year 2010, the demand for buttock augmentation surgery has witnessed a spike. You may ask why so many women want to get bigger butts. Well, the primary reason is that bigger buttocks are better buttocks. Many people who are considering buttock augmentation often ask whether bigger buttocks are always better butts. If your butts are flat or smaller, you can get bigger butts by undergoing the buttock implants surgery; however, do not get overly large butt implants by thinking that bigger butts are always better butts.

Are bigger butts always better

Bigger butts are better, but not always. If you desire to have bigger booty by undergoing the buttock implants surgery, you should follow the advice of your surgeon. A board-certified plastic surgeon would take measurements of your butts, weight, height, and BMI before recommending you’re a particular implant size. If you are petite and desire to get huge buttocks, it is not a realistic aesthetic goal.

Getting huge butt implants will make your backside look like weird and abnormal objects. Ideally, your buttocks should accentuate your overall body outline, height, weight, etc. Huge butt implants will only make your butts abnormal if you are thin or petite. Many women who presume that bigger butts always end up getting botched results with buttock augmentation.

However, there are still many women who may qualify to get large butt implants and make their buttocks look bigger and better. For example, if you are not thin or petite and your height and body mass are above average, you may be a good candidate for a large buttock implant. In this case, large butt implants will further enhance your body and overall aesthetic features.

So, the catch here is that you can augment your butt, but to a certain degree that is acceptable to your existing body. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will measure you buttock dimensions and then recommend you a buttock implant size.

Bigger butts make you look healthy

Women with bigger buttocks are considered to be healthier than women with flatter or smaller butts. The buttocks are different than your other body areas like the abdomen. There are no critical organs in your buttocks. Hence, it is an excellent location to store your excess body fat without experiencing any health issues like hypertension or heart disease. Keep in mind that the buttocks store the hypodermic yellow fat, which is extremely good for the area. The fat store in your buttock does not come with any health problems. Instead, they make you look healthy.

Men are particularly attracted to the buttocks of women. According to one study, most men consider women with bigger backside to be healthy and physically alluring. Bigger buttocks make you look more fertile to men as well. They tell men that you can withstand pregnancy and childbirth easily.

Again, do not go beyond the limit set by your existing body structure and size. Your buttocks should be more prominent but remain within the limits of your body. If they go beyond it, you will look abnormal and unhealthy.

Bigger butts are beautiful

Well, there is no doubt that bigger buttock looks visually beautiful. When a woman with normal and bigger butts moves around, she looks sexy, sensuous, and voluptuous. Keep in mind that the butts are among the most important areas of your body. They not look beautiful in themselves but also enhance your overall body features. The size and shape of your butts affect your overall body definition.

For example, no matter how beautiful you are, if your buttocks are flatter or smaller, you would not appear aesthetically appealing. In such a case, you may consider the buttock augmentation surgery, which can add projection, size, and shape to your backside. Make sure to get a suitably sized butt implant to achieve the desired results.

Bigger butts make you look more feminine and fertile

The size and shape of your buttocks signify your fertility and femininity. Studies have already established that men tend to have sexual relationships with women who have bigger and shapelier buttocks. One study found that men consider women with bigger booties to be more sexy, desirable, and fertile. When your buttocks are fuller and shapelier, men think you have a curved spine that is a critical aspect of withstanding pregnancy and childbirth.

There is no doubt that the opposite sex will be more interested in your if your backside is fuller and voluminous. On the other hand, if your butts are flatter despite your other beautiful physical features, men may not necessarily desire to have sexual contact with you. You can undergo the buttock augmentation surgery to add projection, shape, and volume to your backside, which will attract the opposite sex.

Even the evolutionary experts have found an association between bigger buttocks and emotional intelligence. According to the scientists, female with bigger backsides appear more appealing to men immediately after they reach the threshold of puberty. Such women are also excellent at picking their mates.

Bigger butts are physically beneficial

Many studies have already stated that bigger buttocks can also help you physically. For instance, women with bigger butts are better at climbing the stairs. On the other hand, women with smaller butts find it hard to climb the stairs. What this means is that if you have a fuller backside, you will be good at trekking and climbing.

Moreover, bigger butts also make standing and moving around comfortable for you. They help you maintain a good posture and look better when walking. Unlike women with flatter butts, you may not experience any pain in your back, hip, or knees when moving around. However, when you undergo buttock augmentation and get huge implants that do not suit your body outline and butts dimensions, it can also create physical difficulties for you.

You can endure hunger

If your buttocks are bigger and fuller, it means there is sufficient storage of healthy fat in your backside. The fat stored in your buttocks will help you ensure hunger. What this means is that if your butts have enough fat, you will not get easily hungry. In other words, it means your bigger buttocks store your food for emergency situations.

Brainy offspring

According to many studies, the fat stored in the buttocks contains omega-3 fatty acids. When women with bigger buttocks feed their offspring, the omega-3 fatty acid is released in the breast milk. The omega-3 fatty acids are critical for the mental development of the baby, besides healthy eyes and overall nervous system. In short, women with bigger butts produce smarter and intelligent babies.

Bigger butts keep cholesterol level in check

It has also been found that women who have bigger buttocks have normal cholesterol levels as compared to women with flatter or smaller butts. You are less at risk of developing cholesterol problems if your backside is fuller. The benefits will become double if your waist is smaller, besides your booty being fuller. Moreover, when your butts are bigger, your risk of developing type-2 diabetes is considerably lower than women who have smaller backsides.


The buttocks are among the most important aesthetic areas of the body. Women are particularly sensitive about the size and shape of their buttocks, thanks to the bigger booty trend set by celebrities. Many women want to know if bigger buttocks are better buttocks. Well, in this article, I have explained in detail the benefit of bigger buttocks and when bigger butts are better butts.

To sum it up, it is true that bigger butts are better butts (for the reasons explained above); however, the size of your butts should accentuate your buttock dimensions and overall body outline for you to truly enjoy the benefits of bigger butts. What this means is that although bigger butts are better, they are not always better.

If your butts are smaller or flatter and you desire to have a bigger booty, you may consider the buttock implants surgery. However, be sure to follow the surgeon’s advice when it comes to choosing the butt implant size. If you are petite or thin, do not go for bigger implants because they would make your butts look abnormal and aesthetically unwelcoming. Instead, work with your surgeon to choose a suitably sized implant.

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