Are breast enhancement pills effective?

Are breast enhancement pills effective?

27th Jul 2017

Breast enhancement pills are now available in the market, which claim to successfully increase the size of your breast by a cup or two. However, it is said that the effects of the pills are not instant; hence, you will have to take it for a couple of months. While some women notice an increase in their breast size, majority still don’t see any changes despite months of using the pills.

This indicates that the pills aren’t really effective in significantly increasing the size of your breasts. As a result, only plastic surgery provides you with an obvious and permanent increase in your breasts.

Generally, breast enhancement pills contain a mixture of either herbal or chemical ingredients that are meant to act just like the human estrogen. By increasing the level of estrogen in the body, it can help enhance the feminine features. This is why many women do notice their breasts slightly growing in size upon taking the pills for a length of time. Unfortunately, the effect of estrogen or estrogen-like substances in the body is not enough to cause a drastic increase in your breasts. Thus, the changes may not be as great as you hoped for.

In addition to this, some women react differently to the estrogen, which is why some don’t see any changes after taking the breast enhancement pills for a while. Also, even if it increases, this is certainly not permanent. The size of your breasts will go back to its previous size as soon as the estrogen levels return back to normal.

Consequently, women who take breast enhancement pills can be compared to those who are given prescription estrogen or birth control pills. Both can have increased breast size as a side effect, but are sadly temporary.

With that said, many women prefer to take breast enhancement pills because of the promise that it is safe and made up of natural herbal ingredients. However, FDA still warns people against such products because there is still a chance of it negatively affecting your health. While the ingredients are natural, it can also react negatively to the other medications that you are consuming.

Many are still hoping for less invasive ways to increase their breast size. However, the fact remains that the most effective way to increase your breast size by a cup or even bigger is still through plastic surgery. Silicone or saline implants have a high satisfaction rate among women who have chosen to get their breasts augmented. For now, plastic surgery is the only way to drastically and permanently increase the breast size.


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