Are breast implants the best option for breast augmentation?

Are breast implants the best option for breast augmentation?

07th Jun 2017

The 60s started a cultural revolution in the United States. The world bore witness to groundbreaking developments in the field of plastic surgery, and it was also the time when mammary implants started to be used on a regular basis. To date, millions of women have undergone the procedure to achieve the bust they have always desired. Likewise, breast implants have also been used for breast reconstruction after mastectomies or to correct congenital deformities of the chest.

Even though implants have been used in breast augmentation surgery for more than half a century now, people still have uncertainties about them and among the most significant inquiries is whether or not they are the best option for breast augmentation.

More about breast implants:

Breast implants have diversified over the years and they are now available in a wide array of shapes and volumes to complement different body structures. They are selected in relation to the width of the thorax, the size of the mammary gland, as well as the height, and weight of the patient. Silicone implants come in two shapes namely, anatomically-shaped (also called tear-shaped) and round implants. The latter imparts a round shape to the breasts, similar to that of an apple; whereas the tear-shaped implants, which are narrower on the upper part of the breasts, gradually widen towards the base of the breasts and offer a more natural look.

About the breast augmentation with breast implants:

The following is a list of some diagnostic tests and instructions that require compliance before the surgery can be performed:

– Blood analysis

– Mammary echography

– Pulmonary radiography


– Quitting smoking at least two weeks before the surgery as smoking reduces the oxygen level in the blood at the surgical site. Insufficient oxygenation of the tissues will impede healing and a will decrease the rate of recovery.

  • The breast augmentation surgery with implants should not coincide with the menstrual period of the patient.
  • All treatments involving anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin need to be stopped at least a week before surgery; birth control pills and other drugs that can influence blood coagulation after surgery should also be put on hold.
  • The patient should present a complete history of alcohol, drug and cigarette consumption to the surgeon.
  • The plastic surgeon must also be informed about the patient’s family medical history especially an incidence of breast cancer in the family.

The breast implant surgery lasts between one to two hours, but the length of the intervention is highly dependent on whether the incision is periareolar, trans-axillary or inframammary. The most frequently performed incision is made along the inframammary fold. Moreover, the implants may be placed under the mammary gland (subglandular placement) or under the pectoral muscle (submuscular placement).

All breast implant surgery interventions are performed under general anesthetic. After waking up from the anesthesia, the patient will need to remain in the clinic for at least 24 hours to receive antibiotic treatment and analgesic medication to control the pain.

The degree of post-operative pain and discomfort varies from one patient to the other, and it should be noted that the implants placed under the mammary gland tend to cause less pain than the ones positioned under the pectoral muscle.

As is the case with all surgical interventions, the silicone breast implant surgery also entails risks. Here are a few possible complications that every patient must be aware of:

  • Seroma, hematoma, infections, unsightly scars, delayed wound healing
  • Capsular contracture: In this condition, the body creates a thick and hard capsule around the shell of the implant which can cause pain and deformities in the breasts. Another surgery will be required to remove the implant and the thick capsule around it. Following the excision of the hardened tissue, the implant can then be reintroduced into its pocket.
  • Breast Implant Rupture: In case the silicone implant ruptures, corrective surgery will be performed to remove the remnants of the implant and simultaneously insert a new one.

Post- operative indications

After the surgery, patients should follow these indications:

  • The prescription for antibiotics and analgesic treatment should be strictly followed.
  • Avoid sexual contact for three weeks.
  • Resume work and regular activities only when two weeks have passed.
  • The lymphatic drainage massage should be performed for six months after the surgical wounds have healed
  • Wear compression garments for two months after the surgery. For the first month, the compression garment needs to be worn nonstop for 24 hours a day; while for the second month, 12 hours a day is enough.

As long as the patient is a good candidate for the procedure and meets all the criteria, breast implant surgery is the superlative approach to breast augmentation. In addition, the procedure is safe under the supervision of an experienced plastic surgeon. Your surgeon can also give you advice on how to choose the best silicone implants for your build and how to care for them after the procedure.

How can a client select the most beautiful breast implants?

This is a question we hear very often in our practice. Almost all breast augmentation patients want their surgeons to show them the most beautiful implants. However, each patient sees a different set of implants because the reality is that the most beautiful implants are the ones that are suitable for you. Whether you choose round breast implants or tear-shaped ones, it is important for them to fit and complement your body structure. Whether you are petite or tall, athletic or more robust, there are silicone implants of a particular volume and shape that will complement your anatomy. Choosing the right silicone implants is crucial to the success of the surgery and all you have to do is ask your plastic surgeon to recommend the most suitable breast implants for your build.

If you want huge breast implants…

Many women dream about having huge breast implants. There is nothing wrong in this, especially if you want a prominent bust and in this situation the round breast implants are recommended. However, you need to consider the size of your breast implants. If the breast implants are way too big for your frame, they can become visible to the naked eye in the lower part of the breasts and at the sides. Big, round silicone implants are only recommended if your thorax has suitable dimensions. If you have a slim figure, you may experience some difficulty in dealing with huge breast implants, not to mention back pains.

Moreover, implants that are too big can cause an early sagging of the breasts and the patient might need a breast lifting intervention to restore the breasts to their original aspect.

If you want implants that are too small…

Another situation that is not ideal is choosing implants that are too small for your outline. If you are relatively tall with an athletic build, it is possible that small silicone implants may not be the right choice for you. Beautiful and excellent implants are ones that suit and complement the dimensions of your thorax and the width of your back and shoulders.


The breast implants surgery is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures by women who desire a bigger, more impressive bust. Satisfaction is guaranteed almost every time because with the use of superb breast implants, we can provide exceptional results. The procedure fulfills the patient’s desired outcome and consequently boosts their self-esteem. Patients notice that after breast implant surgery, most of their inhibitions disappear and the discomfort they used to feel when they faced the mirror are long forgotten.

The intervention is not simple, but we have more than fifty years of experience in performing it. The results are, in most cases, permanent. The type of breast implant chosen is vital to the success of the surgery and to achieve satisfactory results. The shapes and dimensions of the implants vary so you can be sure that you will find a pair of implants that are perfectly suitable for your body shape. The surgery lasts about two hours and the patient will be allowed to leave the medical facility shortly after the intervention.

The recovery period after the breast implant surgery is longer than the one after breast augmentation through fat transfer, but the results are incomparable. After the surgery, the patient is required to wear a girdle and experiencing moderate pain at the surgical area is completely normal. You can rest assured that the pain is nothing to worry about as analgesic medication will be prescribed to help manage it. Most patients are completely recovered within two weeks from the surgery.

Therefore, the breast implant surgery is the best option for breast augmentation if you want to see significant improvement in the size of your breasts, and if you want permanent results.


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